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5 Classic Products for Screen-Free Fun With The Kids

These are some old-school favorites!


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Lite-Brite Christmas Tree

Lite-Brite Christmas Tree - By: Kelly Sikkema

If the kids have been spending too much time on their screens, introducing some non-digital fun can be a terrific way to bond as a family, while showing your kids that there are ways to be creative and entertained without using modern technology.  If you’re wondering about your best choices for non-digital toys and games, we are already on it here at Santa.com.  Old-school fun never goes out of style and there’s something on this list for kids of any age to have a blast all Christmas long!

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Spirograph has been engaging kids and families since the 1960s, and is still a riveting way to draw and create designs! This original Spirograph set will have your kids making cool patterns and designs in no time. With all kinds of stencils, different colored pens and a convenient carrying case, there’s no limit to the swirly, symmetrical fun they can have.

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Lite Brite

Who doesn’t remember the magic of Lite Brite? They still make Lite Brite for a reason, and that’s because it’s amazing! Putting in little clear pegs and turning on that light to see your creation never gets old. This activity also works well if you have multiple kids who like to do creative projects together. They can collaborate to make one massive colorful display.

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Etch A Sketch

Your kids might recognize the iconic Etch A Sketch from family favorite movies, like Toy Story and Elf. The magnetic art toy is hard to miss with its bright red frame and white knobs. Although it’s not as popular in the digital age, there’s little chance the Etch A Sketch is going anywhere. The kids will love learning to draw on this classic toy, and you might even challenge them to sketch something Christmas-related! It’s a great way for them to pass time, and well as engage their artistic skills.

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Duncan Yo-Yo

Not only is it a tremendous way to spend some digital-free time this Christmas, but learning how to use a Yo-Yo can become a lifelong hobby the whole family can enjoy. Unlike the other items on this list, using a Yo-Yo requires a lot of practice. However, showing off your new Yo-Yo tricks to the rest of the family can make for a very entertaining time!

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Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Who doesn’t love a bit of robot brawling action? This classic game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots hasn’t changed much since it was originally released back in 1964. Red and blue robots, a yellow ring, two-pronged robot controllers and those pop-up heads, of course. It’s been decades, but few things come close to the satisfaction of nailing a flawless uppercut on your plastic robot opponent. If it gets a little too heated, you might want to switch the kids back to Lite Brite!

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