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December 7, 2022

5 Essential Wrapping Supplies You'll Need This Year

There’s no better time to grab these gifting essentials!


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R. Manville

As wrapping season approaches, there are certain supplies you’ll want to stock up on now and have on hand when your gifting prep goes into overdrive. This list will take the guesswork out of which supplies you’ll need, whether you’re looking to stick to the basics or try some elaborate new designs, start with these essentials. 

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Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape just makes wrapping easier. You can use regular scotch tape but using both together truly creates picture-perfect packages! The double-sided tape helps to keep folds down and creates seamless lines. Buy yourself a few rolls and you’ll be set for the season.


You’ll want to invest in a good pair of scissors to keep your wrapping on point. Find a pair that’s just right for you, comfortable to hold, sharp, and the right length for gliding. Don’t skimp, because a good pair of scissors can last you a lifetime!  We’re fans of these classic orange-handled Fiskars


Sharpies are ideal for writing your loved one’s names on packages or labels, or even to add designs to your wrapping paper. You can also play around with colors, why not some red and green for the holidays, or even metallics? Sharpies usually last a while, so you’ll probably only need one pack for this Christmas and the next few to come.

Ribbon or Twine

Having a variety of ribbon and twine on hand will allow you to create uniform designs in your gifting. Whether you prefer a simple bow, a full wrap-around ribbon, or something more complex, you’ll need to have rolls of twine and ribbon at the ready. We recommend you keep at least one roll of twine and a few different colors or patterns of ribbons on hand. You’ll want options when you’re ready to start wrapping.

Roll of  Craft Paper

A roll of craft paper will always come in handy, especially for any last-minute gifts. It also works as a simple approach to wrapping, and with some added elements your gifts will look great under the tree. You can also use it for all sorts of things, like arts and crafts with the kids!  Pro tip: Keep an ink pad and a few festive stamps on hand for a quick custom-wrapped look!

A great way to stay organized is with a wrapping paper storage container.  We like this one from Amazon because it has ample compartments and fits right under the bed!