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5 Fun Car Activities That’ll Have the Whole Family Smiling

Keep the kids entertained while driving over the river and through the woods!


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Holiday road trips can be wonderful family bonding experiences, but it’s not always easy to keep everyone engaged. If you’re wondering what kinds of activities and games can keep your kids and even the whole family entertained, we’ve got you covered. This list of five car activities will have something for every family. Whether this is your first road trip or your fiftieth, there’s an activity here for everyone!

I Spy

A game of I Spy is a time-honored car ride tradition! Each passenger spots something out the window and keeps it in their head, then the rest must ask yes or no questions until they can guess it. The kids will love stumping the adults and the little ones will have a good time learning some problem-solving skills!

Singing Songs

It doesn’t matter whether you can sing well or not, belting out fun tunes while driving has been making car rides easier for decades! This is a stellar way to have the kids enjoy themselves in the car without having to teach a game. You can sing songs the family already knows or print out some lyrics of ones you’d want to try out. Here’s a list from Time Out of songs that are perfect to sing on family road trips!

Mad Libs

Mad Libs are a hysterical way to pass the time on a family road trip! With everyone’s weird and wacky word suggestions, you can create all kinds of crazy stories. They’re also the perfect activity for the kids to feel like they’ve all equally participated without there being any winners or losers. 

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20 Questions

Playing 20 Questions, whether just off the top of your head or with the digital toy, will keep your kids guessing all car ride long. The kids can each take turns coming up with answers and making guesses! If you’re using the 20 Questions device, you can also pass that around and see if it can guess what you’re thinking!

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Shotgun!” What Do You Meme Road Trip Game

A great way to get some tweens engaged and off their screens for a bit, this card game from the makers of What Do You Meme is all kinds of silly! Each card has something interesting to do related to being on a road trip. This will keep the energy in the car light and the kids occupied for quite a while!

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