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5 Perfect Puzzles the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Check out some of our favorites!


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Marian Weyo / shutterstock

Puzzles are a marvelous way to spend quality time with the family during the holidays. There’s a puzzle for every occasion. Some puzzles feature recognizable films and TV shows, and others bring to life incredible vistas and some very familiar paintings. Not all puzzles are right for all families though, if it’s for adults and tweens, then a large puzzle will do just fine. Kids under ten and toddlers will need a puzzle a bit more their speed though. So, if you’re looking to find a puzzle that’s just right for your family this year, we’ve made this round-up just for you. We’re sure there’s a puzzle with your name on it!

Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

This educational jigsaw puzzle is a great choice for toddlers. The thicker wooden pieces and bright colors will make learning letters and working on fine motor skills that much more fun. Discovering cute and cuddly animals whilst also trying to build the letters of the alphabet will have your little ones occupied for hours. You could even have your child try to make the sounds of each animal!

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300 Piece Encanto Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether your kids have seen Disney’s Encanto or not, this vibrant and approachable puzzle is a fantastic way to spend a Christmas afternoon. Three hundred pieces might sound like a lot, but in terms of puzzles, it’s quite small. This cute and magical puzzle shouldn’t take more than an hour or two for you and yours to finish, even for relatively new puzzlers.

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500 Piece Little Park Ranger Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is not only a bit more complex in design but is also larger in piece count. Even though we would still recommend it for some young children, at five hundred pieces it will take a bit longer to complete. However, the focus on the National Parks of the United States, like The Grand Canyon and Yosemite Park, makes this puzzle stand out from the crowd. The art is attractive, minimalistic, and educational. Discussing each park’s location and importance with your kids could also be a good idea!

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1000 Piece Dog Park Jigsaw Puzzle

Adorable and daunting, this massive one-thousand-piece puzzle is chock full of sweet dogs having fun in the park and is a perfect puzzle to complete with the whole family! You’ll find countless amusing and charming vignettes over the many hours your family spends on this puzzle. After you finish, you might even consider framing this puzzle, forever commemorating the joyful times your family had that Christmas.

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6 3-D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles

Not all puzzles have to be flat! This collection of six wooden brain teaser puzzles would work well as a gift for a curious child, or as a fun pastime for the whole family. Each family member could take one puzzle and you can race to see who can finish it first! Hopefully, no one takes it too hard if they can’t solve it, they’re meant to stump you after all!

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