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December 10, 2022

5 Sweet Ideas for Gingerbread House Fun with the Family

Check out these five clever ideas!


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Whether you build gingerbread houses with the family every year or are a first-timer, we’ve got big ideas for you. The Santa.com team searched high and low for the coolest candy house ideas to help inspire you. Browse the best ideas below and discover your new design strategy!

Pop-tarts Gingerbread Houses | From prettyprudent.com

This no-bake idea subs Pop-tarts for gingerbread. Using the toaster pastries makes it extra kid-friendly, since Pop-tarts are a lot thicker and a bit more rigid. Plus, no baking means less mess if you’re strapped for time. 

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Beginner-Friendly Gingerbread Houses | From mycreativedays.com

Here’s a genius hack: Use an empty school milk carton and graham crackers instead of gingerbread. The carton lends support and makes construction easy for little ones (and grown-ups). Use the time saved to make extra and create a whole family village.

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Chewing Gum Gingerbread Houses | From Allison Waken

Bet you never thought of this idea! Sticks or blocks of chewing gum make the perfect shape for candy house siding. While the creator uses hot glue to attach hers, you could opt for a classic candy house icing recipe as glue to keep everyone’s fingers safe. 

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Candy Christmas Tree | From wilton.com

Cue the winter wonderland vibes with just some M&Ms and ice cream cones.  These cute evergreen Christmas trees are the perfect add-on to your gingerbread village or as a stand-alone decoration.  

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Edible “Glass” Windows | From thecraftcrib.com

We think it’s all about the details. If you do too, you’ll love making these candy house windows out of sugar and corn syrup. While kids will need a bit of extra supervision for this one, the results are truly stunning. 

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