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December 8, 2022

Free Online Christmas and Holiday Stories

Merry e-books for everyone to enjoy


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Christmas Stories on Kindle

Christmas Stories on Kindle

If you are looking for Christmas stories to read on your Kindle, or purchasing a Kindle this year for yourself or as a gift,  we can offer some great ideas for the low price of…free! For a zero dollar discount, you can enjoy these Christmas tales with the simple click of a button! From holiday-themed romance novels to silly children’s stories to Christmas classics, we found five free books to enjoy on Kindle. Click the links and check them out!

The Mice Before Christmas by Anne L. Watson

This delightful take on the classic poem The Night Before Christmas is lovingly illustrated and full of whimsical Yuletide scenes. Reading it with the little ones will be a real treat, especially if they already know the original story!

Terry Treetop and the Christmas Star by Tali Carmi

A tale about selflessness and generosity, your kids will love this silly story and the charming art. When you finish this one, there are many other thoughtful Terry Treetop stories to choose from.  The stories are full of meaningful messages and lovely illustrations.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

This classic Christmas story of redemption is available at your fingertips for the low, low price of free! Reading this on your own, or aloud with your kids, could be the start of a timeless Yuletide tradition.

Christmas at the Chateau by Lorraine Wilson

If you’re looking for a book that’ll transport you to a dreamy European holiday, then Christmas at the Chateau is exactly what you need. Download this Christmas fantasy today and immerse yourself in a world of French romance and holiday magic. After you finish, there are more exciting books in the French Escape series to enjoy!

Christmas Stories by Arnie Lighting

This collection of six Christmas-themed, funny children’s stories will have your kids begging you to read more! With jokes, colorful pictures, and life lessons galore, the kids won’t get bored of this book anytime soon.