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November 21, 2022

Add a Personal Touch to Your Christmas Cards

Check out these five tips!


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Christmas Cards

Photograph: Brooke Lark and Richard Manville

Christmas Cards are a perfect way to express gratitude and send love and good cheer to friends and family. A personalized note is always appreciated, and in this digital age, a handwritten note can make your greeting really stand out. While a personally signed, store purchased card is always welcomed, taking the extra effort to customize your card takes your holiday greeting to the next level. Here are some ideas on how to make a lasting impression with your holiday messages this year.

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Return Address

Let's start with what everyone sees first, the envelope. Stamping the envelope on the outside of the card with your return address is an elegant touch that will give your card a more polished look and make a lasting first impression. Return addresses are needed, not just for the post office, but to also make sure your friends and family have your most updated address for their Christmas card list. You can find return address stamps at your local stationery store, or on Amazon, like this one from the iStampStore which offers many different options to suit your style.

Sealing Wax

For hand-delivered cards, consider the age-old tradition of sealing your envelope with wax and a stamp. It is a sophisticated detail and adds an embellishment that has historically been associated with royalty!  If you don’t have sealing wax in your home, you can create it using crayons. Simply chop up a crayon and place the pieces in a metal spoon. Hold the spoon over a candle flame so the wax melts. Let the wax cool a little, then drip it onto the back seal of your envelope and use the spoon handle to swirl it into a shape you desire. If you want a more polished look, order a monogrammed seal to dip into the wax, like this one from Amazon. These can be also used beyond Christmas for any other special deliveries. You can also wax seal letters for mailing, but keep in mind that modern day sorting machines can break off or damage external embellishments so make sure to always properly seal your envelope, before adding the wax.

Quotation Mark Image
Quotation Mark Image

an embellishment that has historically been associated with royalty!

Quotation Mark Image
Quotation Mark Image

Card Design

Looking to create a beautiful design for your card, but have no time or artistic ability? Canva.com is a great place to start and they offer thousands of templates. You can customize your card to fit your style, as well as convert it to any file or size you need. For printing, Canva also has some great options, as well as mPix.com. You can also go to your local office supply store to print.

If you're feeling crafty, stamping is also a fun and easy way to create unique and personal holiday cards. It’s easy to find solid color paper stock and matching envelopes in all different shapes and sizes.  There are many great holiday-themed stamps and inks that come in an array of colors, including metallics. Adding a touch of heat embossing can make it extra special!

Card Stock vs. Paper

The paper is an underrated feature of greeting cards. Christmas cards printed on heavier cardstock are a sign of real luxury. Though thicker, heavier cards can also mean bigger envelopes and more postage, so be warned! But sometimes it’s worth it when celebrating a very special occasion.


What matters the most about a Christmas card is, of course, the sentiment. Taking the time to write your message in calligraphy is a wonderful way to let the person know that they are worth the extra time and that your message is from the heart (not to mention, it looks oh so sophisticated). Draft out your words on a pad, so you are less prone to errors. Even if you don’t feel confident in your calligraphy skills, a handwritten note in your normal handwriting goes a long way. It makes the card a little more personal than just signing your name to a card printed with a standard greeting.

We hope this gives you some new ideas on how you can make your Christmas cards original and even more special this Christmas. However, as long as they are sent with love, they will be sure to bring Christmas joy!