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December 20, 2023

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas

10 Treasure Hunts for the Whole Family


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Scavenger Hunt Starts Here sign attached to tree in the woods.

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With Christmas just around the corner, planning unique and fun activities can be a challenge. A Christmas scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to keep everyone involved, engrossed, and full of anticipation for the great reward at the end. Whether for kids, teens, or adults, SANTA.COM’s Christmas scavenger hunt ideas promise tons of fun, laughter, and teamwork. 

The Gift Hunt

This one tops our list as one of our favorite Christmas scavenger hunt ideas as it melds the exciting activity of hunting with the traditional opening of presents. Rather than have everyone tear open their presents in a flurry of shredded wrapping paper, make a game of it. Hide all the gifts and have players find their presents through Christmas scavenger hunt clues scattered inside, outside and throughout the house. 

The Ornament Hunt 

Tree trimming can sometimes be a tedious task. So why not mix things up with an ornament hunt? This festive holiday scavenger hunt is especially exciting for smaller children. Hide different Christmas tree ornaments around the house and ask kids to find them and decorate the tree. It's both fun and a way to get the job done!

The Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt 

Here’s one that will give you an excuse to go out and enjoy the beauty of the festive season. Organize a Christmas light scavenger hunt where players have to locate houses or streets with specific decorations, like a giant inflatable Santa or blue lights. This can be done either on foot or by car.

The Nativity Hunt 

For those wanting to emphasize the religious significance of the holiday, a Nativity hunt is a wonderful idea. Players search for Christmas scavenger hunt clues based on the Christmas story, leading them to figurines or pictures from the nativity scene. 

Christmas Song Hunt 

If your friends or family are musically inclined, go for a Christmas song scavenger hunt. It’s a great indoor Christmas scavenger hunt that works especially well if your crowd knows their holiday music. Each clue could be a lyric from a song and they'll have to figure out the title or the next line. 

The Christmas Candy Hunt 

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, a Christmas candy hunt is bound to be popular with the young ones and maybe some older “kids” as well! You could either make it simple by just hiding candy, or make it a little more challenging by creating candy-themed scavenger hunt clues to lead to the next hiding spot.

The Christmas Picture Hunt 

In this holiday scavenger hunt, players have to find certain Christmas-themed pictures around the house or neighborhood. The pictures could be anything related to Christmas, from Santa to Rudolph to candy canes. The team or person that finds all the pictures first, wins.

Christmas Riddles Hunt 

For a more mentally stimulating game, consider a Christmas riddles hunt. Instead of providing straight scavenger hunt clues, you give your players Christmas scavenger hunt riddles they have to solve, leading them to the next clue. 

Online Scavenger Hunt

For families spread across the country (or even the world), an online scavenger hunt is a great way to virtually get together and have some holiday fun. You can adapt many of the ideas above to work online – such as finding certain items around the home, or looking for certain things online, like the funniest Christmas meme or an emoji game.

Whichever Christmas scavenger hunt you decide on, it's sure to create lasting memories filled with joy and laughter. With a little planning, and perhaps a dash of competitive spirit, these scavenger hunt ideas can add a fun new tradition to your Christmas celebrations. So put on your Santa hats, split into your teams, and let the merry holiday scavenger hunt begin!


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