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December 20, 2022

Easy and Delicious Christmas Breakfast Ideas

This round-up of recipes will round out your Christmas morning


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While we love the formality of a proper Christmas dinner, breakfast (or brunch) is the time to relax and enjoy the morning chaos! When we think of breakfast, we think of a mix of tasty, sweet, and savory dishes from egg casseroles to cinnamon rolls and delicious drinks. 

The Sweet

There are a plethora of sweet breakfast recipes that can be prepped the night before and heated up when the family is ready to feast. We love this Panettone French Toast Bake or these Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls.

The Savory

Since Christmas morning can tend to go on for hours, casseroles are great bake-and-munch options. At our house, The Pioneer Woman’s Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole is always a crowd favorite, but we also love this Egg Croissant Casserole for a delicious meat-free option (however, we think it is even yummier when you add leftover ham). 

The Drinks

No Breakfast is complete without something delicious to drink!  We love this four-ingredient Drinking Chocolate recipe!  It is super indulgent and good alone or added to a cup of coffee. Add a little Irish Cream and you will be sure to start your day in a great mood! Need something a little lighter to drink? Try this Wassail recipe you can make ahead and warm as you go!