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October 10, 2023

Supplies to Ease Holiday Cleaning

Baseboard Scuffs and Wine Stains Begone!


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Man cleaning windows with his son.

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Santa.com wants to help you find everything you need to make the holidays special! If you purchase or click on something we link to, Santa.com may be entitled to a commission. "We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites."

One of the biggest chores of the holiday season is cleaning your home from top to bottom to prepare for guests and holiday gatherings. While it can seem overwhelming, it can also feel so gratifying when it’s done and your home is sparkling! To help you get your home looking gorgeous, Santa.com has compiled a list of our favorite Christmas cleaning supplies that should help, from the kitchen to the powder room and everywhere in between.



Who doesn’t love a Swiffer? This combo mop/broom can rid your house of dust in a heartbeat. Designed to help you reach underneath furniture, it’s the perfect solution to holiday cleaning woes, whether you choose to use it dry or wet!

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After you do one big Swiffer cleanse, turn on the Roomba and let it do the rest. Excellent to use on carpet and hardwood floors, this little robot vacuum is just right for cleaning up pet hair, lint, and dust. It even works with Alexa!

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Baseboard Buddy

Baseboard Buddy

Your back and knees will thank you for this solution! While the Swiffer gets the floors, this handy tool is the best way to clean those dusty baseboards. Great for moldings and around windows too. With a four-foot reach, you can access all those hard-to- reach corners and rid your home of cobwebs so you’re ready for Christmas guests. 

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Red Wine Stain Remover

Wine Away

Wondering how to remove that red wine stain from the couch or carpet that need to be removed before guests arrive? This wine stain remover does it all. Not just for red wine, it can also be used on coffee, ink, fruit punch, sauces, red medicine stains, and even pet accidents. Made in America, this little bottle goes a long way! 

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Shower Squeegee

Gorilla Grip

Get your guest bathroom streak-free with this handy squeegee. Wondering how to clean those glass shower doors? This is the tool you need! Great for indoors and even car windows and car windows, it’s perfect for removing hard water stains, soap scum, limescale, and foam, without scratching the surface. 

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Venetian Blinds Cleaner Kit


You're getting ready for the holidays, the decorations are out, but oh, those blinds need some love! Enter the Blind Cleaner Tool – it’s like magic for your window blinds! No more fussing about dust and dirt. So, while you're in holiday cleaning mode, don't forget your blinds! With this tool, you'll have them looking brand new in no time. 

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Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner


Tackling those upstairs windows has never been easier, especially when you're getting ready for the holidays! No more acrobatics or precarious balancing acts required! With its powerful magnets and smart design, it ensures sparkling clean windows, effortlessly. As you gear up for holiday cleaning and Christmas preparations, this gadget is your secret weapon. Get yours now and make your holiday cleaning a whole lot merrier.

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Sonic Scrubber


Get ready to conquer your holiday cleaning with this fantastic sonic scrubber tool! It’s perfect for tackling tile, grout, and those hard-to-reach spots. Make your home sparkle and shine, welcoming guests with a fresh and clean ambiance. Say hello to a sparkling home without the hassle! 

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Smart Trashcan


Get ready for Christmas entertaining with this innovative smart trashcan! Designed to simplify your chores, it seals in waste securely, ensuring zero leakage. Its infrared motion sensor opens the lid as you approach it, and the built-in LED light illuminates the contents. Its large capacity makes it ideal for holiday entertaining. Say goodbye to messy garbage handling and focus on getting your home ready for Christmas! 

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Wooden Toy Cleaning Set

Manhattan Toy

Get your little helpers involved in the holiday cleaning fun with this adorable Wooden Toy Cleaning Set! Perfectly sized for kids, this six-piece play set includes a broom, dustpan, spray bottle, duster, and a stand for easy storage. 

Encourage your little ones' motor development, imaginative role-play, and social learning skills as they clean alongside you during your Christmas preparations. It's a delightful way for kids to learn and play, making holiday cleaning a family affair! 

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