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December 17, 2022

How to Add Festive Flair to Your Christmas Packages

You’ll love these DIY tips to add personality to your gifts!


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How often have you heard someone say that a Christmas package is just too pretty to open? It always feels good to hear and know that people see that you spent time and effort on your packages. Whether you picked out a really special paper, or used a bright ribbon or even added sprigs of holly or rosemary to the mix, a perfectly wrapped present can bring the giver and receiver great joy. 

If you want to go the extra mile  and add creativity to your gifts this year, here are some easy and DIY examples of how you can make or buy garnishes to liven up your presents  this holiday season. A uniquely decorated, eye-catching gift will reflect the care and attention that you took to make the present look beautiful and extraordinary for a special someone.


Replace the traditional Christmas package bow by adding a sprig of holly or mistletoe- unless you don’t want to get a kiss! These garnishes will give the package an all-natural, rustic look. Brown paper, natural hemp cord, and your choice of greenery will spruce up a gift and impress the outdoorsy person on your Christmas gift list. You can also use other naturally grown items such as pine, small pine cones, eucalyptus, and holly berries. If you want pieces that can be used again, lip a few pieces of artificial holly under a ribbon with a few rustic-looking Christmas bells to create an all-natural-looking Christmas gift. Michael’s or Hobby Lobby will have an aisle dedicated exclusively to decorative items such as Christmas greenery, poinsettias, ferns, and other small decorations that can be used to garnish packages. But if you want to be real ‘farm to table’ (park to present?) then take a walk and see what you can find in the great outdoors


Do you have a family member or friend who is living in a new home this Christmas or know a newlywed couple who are celebrating their first Christmas together? Decorate a package with an “Our First Home” or “Our First Christmas Together” gift topper to add a personal touch for a Christmas housewarming or first-year wedding gift. If you enjoy making ornaments, consider creating a handmade ornament customized with the significant date and names of the happy couple. Add a specially crafted decoration with a message to any package as a personal, homemade gift from you.

Plain wooden, resin or even ceramic Christmas-shaped ornaments are often available at the craft stores during the Christmas season.While you are shopping at the craft store, look for small frames that express the same sentiments. If possible, insert a photo of the new home or married couple.  Another favorite is to find vintage ornaments at a flea market and use these to decorate packages. The vintage look and feel can add real character to a gift. 

Candy Canes

Candy Canes have been a Christmas favorite since their introduction to the USA in 1847! For many decades, candy canes were manufactured in one size, but nowadays, they are in different colors, flavors, shapes, and sizes. Usually, they are given as stocking stuffers or hung on a Christmas tree as decorations, but you can also use them to garnish gift packages. Do you have presents wrapped in blue? Candy Canes now come in an assortment of colors such as blue, yellow, red, green, purple, and even orange. Color coordinate your gifts and candy canes and make someone with a sweet tooth smile. 

Cookie Cutters

Do you have an aspiring chef in your family or someone who loves to cook? Garnish his or her package by attaching a few Christmas-shaped cookie cutters. A metal or copper cookie cutter in the shape of a snowflake, Christmas tree, reindeer or even Santa himself will bring a warm touch to a simply wrapped gift. Plus of course the cookie cutter is a gift in itself. Again, a great place to source these are vintage stores or Etsy if you want older cutters.  

Wrap a gift in a kitchen apron or Christmas-decorated hand towel and tie a few plastic cookie cutters with soft ribbon for a beautiful finishing touch. Another kitchen item you could use is a set of red or green measuring spoons for a gift that contains the ingredients needed to make Christmas cookies or a flavored hot beverage mix. 

Pets Love Presents, Too!

Don’t forget that our fur babies love presents, too! Whether wrapping a gift for a cat or dog, don’t forget to add a little something on top of the package. If you are gifting a soft doggy blanket, roll it up and use a Christmas dog collar instead of gift wrap and ribbons. Tie a brightly colored Christmas bandana around a small package to add a little Christmas flair. Dogs love opening presents and will enjoy the chewing bones or a small toy you tuck under the ribbon.  Cats will appreciate a little bag of catnip or teaser wand.  Pets are family and will want to be included in all the Christmas eve or morning excitement. Replace a name tag and personalize the package with a local or online pet store gift card.