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How to Create a Divine Dessert Board

Tips on making a charcuterie of delicious desserts


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Dessert Board

Dessert Board

We all know and love a charcuterie board. They are great for parties or date nights and easy to prepare. So why not take that idea of assorted meats and cheeses on one board and replace it with desserts? (Yes, this was once the simple cookie platter, but doesn't a dessert board sound more fun?)  Serving desserts this way can be a little outlet for creativity, mix and match your favorite desserts and style it to your theme! It’s then ready to serve and ready for Instagram

What makes dessert boards popular with many moms is that you can basically empty out any open bags of cookies, brownies, marshmallows, chocolates, and candy all on one board. It’s like spring cleaning for the dessert cabinet! 

Here are our tips for making a dessert board that will keep your company coming back for more:

  • So it doesn’t look like you just tossed a bunch of random desserts on a platter, mix in little bowls of sweets like gumdrops and M&M’s or tall glasses of Piroulines to bring it all together

  • Go with a theme. If it is for Valentine's, go pink, red, and white. Maybe add some sparkle and some boozy-filled chocolates or truffles. 

  • To balance all the sweets, add some savory items like pretzels or little bowls of popcorn. Some fresh fruit like Strawberries or grapes would be a welcome addition to avoid a total sugar rush!

  • Why not have a chocolate sauce for graham cracker dipping? Or a peanut butter ball people can slice and spread! These are simple to make and will give your board that little extra detail and deliciousness. 

  • The best part of these boards is that you don’t have to bake anything. But if you feel the need, add some homemade cookies, brownies, or even cake bites or mini cupcakes.

  • You can’t have a dessert board without the board. This classic one is beautiful and can be personalized for your special someone or this Black Marble and Mango Wood would be a chic foundation for your divine dessert creation!