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November 30, 2022

How to Display Your Christmas Garland

Indoors, outdoors, there's no wrong place for garland!


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Christopher Dibble

If you're short on time, but want a festive feel for your home, then garland is your go-to Christmas decoration. Garland is a practical and economical solution because its size and length are able to cover large areas inside or outside of your home. It is highly customizable and can be used year after year.

Estimate how much garland you will need before you head out to purchase it. Some questions to ask ahead of time: Are you going to decorate only the inside of the house or adorn the outside as well? How many rooms will need to be decorated, and how much would you like to spend? 

Expect to find various lengths, styles and colors of garland from which to choose, both all-natural or artificial. If you purchase a natural garland with no decorations, you can always add lights and/or ornaments once hung. Feel free to save yourself a step and find a garland that is pre-decorated with bows, lights, ornaments and other festive garnishes. Remember, Christmas decorations sell out quickly, so make sure you purchase a sufficient amount of the style you choose if you want your garland to match. 

Here are our favorite places to hang garland indoors and out:

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Your mailbox may be one of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your home, so why not go all-out this year to create a masterpiece that will be a real traffic stopper. Start by attaching a long piece of garland to the mailbox pole, bringing it up and around to the top. Secure your strand of garland with plastic zip ties to keep it in place during unpredictable winter weather. Finish your project by adding a large, colorful, weather-proof Christmas bow atop the mailbox. Ensure that the garland will last through the holiday season by spraying it with outdoor weatherproofing. A little protection will also help preserve the garland, so you can use it the following year. If you don’t live in an area where it snows, spray your garland with artificial snow and some clear glitter for a winter wonderland effect! 



Nothing evokes the Christmas spirit outside like a fence hung with a gorgeous garland. Depending on what style you are going for, you can use fresh garland for a more rustic or Victorian look, or go glamorous with a premade garland full of lights, bows, and ornaments that you can use year after year. 

Measure your fence before you head to the store and purchase enough garland to allow it to dip or swag along the fence. You’lll also need zip ties to fasten your garland onto the fence. No matter what type of garland you choose, it will surely bring a festive touch to your outdoor area for all to enjoy.


With the balustrade, the columns, and of course your front door, porches are made for Christmas garland! Enjoy romantic evenings sitting on the porch during the holiday season, surrounded by warm Christmas lights and garland. Wrap garland around the rungs of porch railings, or along the top to decorate the front of your home. You can even go all out and hang some wintery icicle lights from the garland, or keep it minimal with  a string of cozy white lights. 

Front Door

The front door to your home is where your family and friends first get a glimpse of the magic that awaits inside, so be sure to match your front door with your Christmas theme indoors. Are you going  with a farmhouse look with simple, elegant, pine wreaths and live garland? Are you going with tartan bows and ornaments? Or is your palate all pastel this season? Whatever your theme, a wreath on the door and garland surrounding it will bring a festive elegance to your home. 

Christopher Dibble


Dining Room Table Centerpiece

A color coordinated garland can make a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room table and can be styled to match your tablecloth. If you prefer a bare table, your garland will look just as beautiful on a natural wood finish. Nestle a few ornaments or pine cones into the greenery to add some texture and flair. Adding candles to the mix will bring warmth to your centerpiece as well. (Be sure to use tall candles so they don’t burn your gorgeous garland)! 


Overhanging Light Fixture

No need to worry if kitchen and dining room space is at a premium. You can still decorate with garland by moving it up and out of the way. Try decorating overhead lights and the tops of your cabinets with thinner garland strings that match your other Christmas decor. Additional decorations can be added by hanging stars, string lights and larger, multicolored Christmas tree ornaments. Bring some of the outdoors in by spraying a little bit of artificial snow on the garland as a finishing touch. Your guests will love having coffee or tea under your creative hanging garland!

Christopher Dibble

Bookshelf or Wall Unit

Another option for your garland is to decorate some of the featured elements in your home such as arched doorways,alcoves or tall pieces of furniture, such as bookshelves and wall units. On larger furniture or cabinets, fasten the garland across the top and let it cascade down each side and don’t forget that you can add lights for warmth.  



Walking up a garland-decorated staircase full of twinkling lights feels magical! Garland should be festooned, every foot or so using a banner tie or twisted around the hand railing. Bows are traditionally added to the points where each segment of the garland comes together, giving the illusion that the garland is hanging from the bow. You can also wrap the garland in and around the spindles, if you prefer an unobstructed handrail.