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December 2, 2022

How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Movie Night

Get ready to watch your favorite films!


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Cozying up on the sofa and watching your favorite holiday films is one of the best parts of the Christmas season. Santa.com is here to help you really make a night of it—from flick picks to tasty snacks and to lounging logistics. A merry and memorable night is ahead!

Help with the hard part: deciding what to watch!

Bottom line: It depends on who’s watching. Check out our recommendations in 5 Classic Holiday Movies Perfect for the Whole Family then browse a few new movie suggestions below. 

For a Festive Crowd-Pleaser

Spirited on AppleTV+

Holiday musicals are back in a big way with this jolly romp starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell. A fun take on Charles Dickens' iconic tale, A Christmas Carol, fans of the classic will enjoy this fresh and funny spin.

For a New Family Favorite

A Christmas Story Christmas on HBOMax

We all love Ralphie! This surprisingly well-thought-out sequel to the beloved A Christmas Story is a must-see this season. Striking a balance between nostalgia and newness, the film finds a way to connect the dots between the classic movie we love and a fresh story. 

For a Winter Romance

Falling for Christmas on Netflix

This holiday rom-com took a note from Hallmark Christmas films with a take on the 80’s film Overboard. Millennial couples will love watching Lindsay Lohan grace the screen again for some silly, romantic fun.

How to find your film

A site like TVGuide makes it easy to find out when or where to stream the movies you want to watch. If you’re doing things the old-fashioned way, remember to check your local listings and if possible, set up your DVR to record all your festive faves. 

The snack setup 

Sometimes popcorn just doesn’t cut it, so this round-up of our favorite homemade snacks is here to help. Beyond fun finger foods, plan to have a bunch of drink options—eggnog, hot cocoa, or something bubbly, perhaps? 

Embrace the unexpected

Dropped the whole plate of Christmas cookies? Kids are sooo not into the movie? Sometimes no matter how much you plan, things go wrong. Having a few backups in the film and snack department—and keeping a good sense of humor—will keep things going smoothly. The most important thing: You’re together with the ones you love and all warm and cozy on the couch. Is there anything better?