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December 1, 2022

Introducing How the Gherkins Stole Christmas

A Pickle-tastic Yuletide Advent Calendar the Whole Family will Enjoy


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How the Gherkins Stole Christmas

How the Gherkins Stole Christmas

At Santa.com, we know one of the joys of Christmas is the thrill of counting down to the big day! One of the best ways to savor the holiday season is through a Yuletide Advent Calendar that reveals a fun, new surprise each day from December 1st through Christmas. That’s why, today, we are so excited to unveil the first of 25 mini episodes of the holiday special from the animated YouTube sensation Cats vs. Pickles, How the Gherkins Stole Christmas from our brilliant friends Cepia Entertainment. You and your kids are going to love it and we hope you unlock each daily installment with giddy anticipation! It’s sure to become the next Christmas classic!

Cat Fam
Cat Fam

Bringing the hilarious adventures of the beloved Cats vs. Pickles world to the holiday season, How the Gherkins Stole Christmas is a heartwarming, original tale, penned by acclaimed children’s author, Darren Farrell. In the spirit of a classic advent calendar, the story and its lovable characters unfold every day through Christmas morning in another new, sequential animated chapter, narrated by Farrell. Packed with feline fun, pickle hijinks, and exciting cliffhangers, all 25 pickle-tastic chapters will have you and your family laughing together as the big day approaches.

The special’s plotline is perfect for Christmas. When a grinchy storm rolls into Catsburg, the joyful spirit of the season seems to disappear and its residents begin to forget the true meaning of Christmas. When the Pickles are called in to assist, they of course concoct a thoroughly outrageous plan to help turn the feline frowns upside down. But the relentless veggies run into an unexpected snag when a mischievous furball named Snowball makes it her mission to convince the town that the little green gherkins are actually aliens.  

The wildly popular all-white Snowball bean makes its return on Santa.com, after being launched in limited release in 2021. Now, Cats vs Pickles fans will be able to order their Snowball bean character and have it in time to accompany the How the Gherkins Stole Christmas story. 

We hope you love it as much as we do!