How to Email Santa

How to Email Santa

My elves have informed me of some trouble we’re experiencing in this new digital realm.

Children (and their parents), while keen to email Santa and save on time and postage, aren’t

quite sure how to go about it. Some people even email us to find out how they can email Santa.

I think they’re surprised when I reply and tell them they just did!

I also used to be confused by email. In fact, during my first attempt to use email, I typed a

letter, printed it out, put it in an envelope, and tried to send it to the “email address” via the CD slot. Luckily Cinnamon the IT Elf kindly informed me that I was doing it wrong. She showed mehow simple it really was: just write the letter in the space provided, enter the person’s email

address in the little blank labeled “To:”, and press the send button! Easy as Christmas cookies.

When Cinnamon started building our official site, though, I reminded her that not everyone is

as tech-savvy as she is. I suggested that she make emailing me absolutely as foolproof as

possible. Therefore, on, all you need to do to email me is press the big green “Email

Santa Now!” button on the Kid’s page.

Once you press the big green button, you’ll need to write your first name, your

parent’s/guardian’s email if you’re a child, and the special message you want to send me. Then

click the box to prove you’re not a robot. (Apparently this is a common problem online? I had

no idea AI was so advanced!). Finally, press “Send Now,” and the IT elves will receive your


Once the IT elves have your message, they’ll send you a quick message back, to make sure the

email address is correct. I can’t stand misfired mail—it pains me to think that some poor kid

might write to me, and then never ever receive my reply, all because of a typo! Of course, your

email address is totally private and confidential, and we never share it with anyone, or send you any messages you haven’t requested. That wouldn’t be very in keeping with the holiday spirit,now would it?

As soon as the address is confirmed, the IT elves then ring a special little bell I’ve installed in my office, letting me know I’ve received a new message. The bell isn’t really necessary, Cinnamon tried to tell me—I could just use notifications on my phone or check my inbox—but I like to know as soon as possible when someone sends me an email, so I can add “Reply Email” to my “To Do” list. That list is what gets me through the holidays; otherwise, I’d still be scrambling to wrap presents and harness the reindeer somewhere around December 26 th ! But once something is on my “To Do” list, it absolutely gets done—which means you will absolutely receive a personal reply from me, just as soon as I can get to it.

Now, there are other sites and addresses you can use to email me, and it’s true that I will

receive them all—that’s how Christmas magic works. (Don’t worry, I even see the letters your

parents forgot to send!) But is my Official Site, and it’s the only place you can get a

direct reply from my own personal email address, Show that email to your

doubting friends at school, and see if they don’t think twice about whether or not I’m real!

What should you write in your email? Well, that’s up to you! A Christmas wish list is considered

traditional, as are promises, sincere or otherwise, to be Very, Very Good. But honestly, I just

enjoy hearing from you. Even if all you write is “Merry Christmas!” I will be more than happy to

respond in kind.

Cinnamon has just reminded me that you can send a maximum of three emails this season;

otherwise, some people will hog the queue. (I’m looking at you, Jack Frost.) But if you want to

hear from me more often than that, then please, sign up to receive my daily texts! Unlike the

emails, they’re not quite free—cell phone coverage at the North Pole has proven to be quite

expensive—but I endeavor to make every text worth it. You’ll get to hear special Santa Pro Tips, bits of Christmas trivia, messages from the reindeer and Mrs. Claus, and much, much more.

I trust that this has been a helpful explanation of how to email Santa, and I hope to hear from

all of you soon!

Santa Claus