Careers at the North Pole

We believe that making and delivering toys is one of the noblest professions, and we are looking for detail-oriented designers, artisans, technicians and managers who share our passion.

When you join our team, the opportunities to master your craft, grow your career, and build something magical are limitless.
Contact us today to learn how you can make Christmas dreams come true!

Assembly: Where the magic is made.

Toy Assembly Elves are the backbone of the NPW. From bolting the wheels on toy trucks to styling doll hair, our assemblers put the final touches on every toy that leaves our production line. This is also where the final dose of Christmas magic is added…

Presentation: More than just wrapping and bows.

Gift wrapping is full of dichotomies. It must conceal, but be easily removed. It should be festive and colorful, but responsibly sourced and fully recyclable. It takes time and care, yet it is destroyed in seconds. NPW Wrapping Elves take pride in this delicate balance, and believe that part of the beauty of a gift is how it is revealed to the recipient.

Design: Architects of Christmases yet to come.

Ever wonder how a toy becomes the “must have” gift for the year? NPW designers have been behind some of the biggest toy crazes in history (except for Furbies… who saw that coming?). The children of today are growing up with tech that their parents never dreamt of, so they are savvy and demanding toy consumers. If you want to work on the cutting edge of toy evolution, consider a career as a Design Elf.

Logistics: We put the ‘sent’ in Christmas Present!

Delivering toys to everyone on the worldwide Nice List in one night is an epic undertaking. Plotting the sleigh’s course, laying out the packing order, and refining the split-second deployment system is a full-time job for our staff. If you have a gift for organization and long-term planning, then we need you as a Logistics Elf.

Communications: Wishes heard.

Children have been sending their wish lists to Santa since the earliest days of postal service; back then, it was all handled by a few dozen elves with letter openers, all under the watchful eye of the North Pole Postmaster, Mrs. Claus. As various forms of electronic communication developed, Mrs. Claus kept up with the newest technology—and reorganized the mailroom into the Communications Department we have today. The newest team in this department also handles the social media presence of Santa and the NPW. It’s led by Garland the Spokes-Elf—look for his regular updates on Twitter!

In addition to making sure Santa receives every message sent to him—this includes mail, telegram, email, text, ham radio, carrier pigeon, etc.—Communications also coordinates with Logistics on delivery night to track the sleigh and stay in constant contact with Santa. If you want to have your finger on the pulse of the Christmas information highway, being a Communications Elf is the career for you.

Records: Keepers of The List.

Maintaining the Naughty and Nice Lists has always been Santa’s primary focus during the 364 non-delivery days of the year. Every afternoon he can be found at his desk, updating the files he keeps on the behavior of every girl and boy. In the last few decades he has given up his quill pen and big leather ledger book, slowly integrating more modern bookkeeping practices, including spreadsheets and a team of behavioral accountants. Each year, he needs more elves trained in this highly scientific field. If balance sheets and audits are your idea of a great day at the office, then a rewarding career as a Records Elf may be for you!