Hello friends of Santa! My name is Garland the Elf, and I’ll be answering a few frequently asked questions here on Santa’s website.

If you have any questions that don’t appear on this list, please feel free to send an e-mail (if you’re an adult) or speak loudly facing North (if you’re a child). We’ll do our best to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

Of course! Santa Claus is for everyone, regardless of age. After all, we never outgrow the Christmas spirit! Send Santa texts to friends, family members, and anyone else who’d enjoy a dose of holiday cheer.

Santa is of course very busy during the holiday season, but he has cleared his schedule to send one text a day. The texting will start December 1st and last right up until Christmas Day. He’ll even be texting from his sleigh on Christmas Eve!

As of now Santa Claus only sends texts during December. (It’s very hard to get decent cell phone coverage at the North Pole, and we’re paying a premium for the holiday season.) But we do plan on making year-round texts possible sometime in the near future, so stay tuned for further developments!

See above, re: the difficulties in getting decent cell coverage at the North Pole. Right now Santa can only send texts, not receive them. We’ll let you know if this changes!

Our new website has two sections, one for Kids and one for Parents (or other adults).

Now, even though it’s called the “Kids” section, that’s where people of all ages can e-mail Santa. Like I said—you never outgrow the Christmas spirit! However, if you are thirteen or under, you do need to use an e-mail address belonging to your parent/legal guardian. Once you’ve sent a message, Santa will respond from his personal e-mail as quickly as possible.

The Parents section is for adults. Here you can sign up for Santa texts, which start on December 1st and last until Christmas Day. You can choose to send texts to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, family members, grumpy coworkers, Scrooge of a boss, incredibly patient bartender, the reindeer at the zoo…whoever you think could use a little extra holiday cheer!

Santa answers people from ages 0-120. (If you’re older than 120 we do apologize for the inconvenience.)

In the extremely unlikely event that you want to stop receiving Santa Claus’s invariably witty and entertaining daily texts, simply reply “STOP” and they will cease immediately. But we can’t guarantee you won’t be put on the Naughty List…

Good question! As I mentioned a few times before, the North Pole is one of the most remote areas of the world, and it’s extremely hard to get any kind of decent cell phone coverage. As it is, we had to eliminate the peppermint eggnog fund just to pay for unlimited texts during the month of December. (And the elves have already been on a pay freeze since November of 1912…Elf Union, are you reading this?)

We sincerely hope you don’t mind pitching in so that people of all ages can enjoy this new, special service from Santa.

Santa Claus receives millions of letters from children every year. Although he gives his personal attention to ALL of them (thanks to his magical time-stretching abilities), he does use several different offices around the world to sort, catalogue, and file those letters. Don’t worry, though, all those letters ultimately end up at the North Pole, where they are read by Santa and then stored in our massive underground Letter Archives.

Santa spends his summers working with the Santa Headquarters Research and Development Department. We’re always looking for new ways to improve delivery times, manufacturing standards, present-wrapping speed, reindeer flight times, Christmas cookie crunchiness/chewiness, and more.

Santa and Mrs. Claus also spend one month on vacation in a warmer area of the world. Unfortunately we must leave the exact location of their summer home undisclosed, due to privacy concerns.

Santa Claus’s opinion is that there is no such thing as a bad cookie. He enjoys all types, from homemade gingerbread to Oreos out of the box. He would like his fans to know, however, that in terms of cake he much prefers red velvet, because it matches his suit.

Oh, wait…did you mean my favorite cookie? Well I, Garland, have a special fondness for thumbprint cookies. You know, those little shortbread cookies with dots of jam in the center? If you have any extra this year, and you’d like to send them on to the North Pole…well, I assure you, I’d be very grateful!

This actually has many answers, depending on whether the sleigh is loaded or unloaded, and the length of the planned route. For his own personal use getting around at the North Pole, Santa usually only needs two reindeer. A fully-loaded sleigh flying a short distance, on the other hand, requires six. It’s for the around-the-world trip on Christmas Eve that EIGHT reindeer are needed* to pull the sleigh, mostly so they can rest in shifts.

Rudolph does lead the team on these expeditions, but purely for light-giving and navigational purposes. He’s a bit on the small side and doesn’t do much of the actual pulling. But don’t bring it up with him…he’s rather touchy on the subject!

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