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December 8, 2023

Gifts for Gardeners and Green Thumbs

Unearth Terrific Gifts


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Illustration of a guide to gifts for gardeners, showing a watering can, plant, shears, trowel, and seed packet.

Brent Watts and João Lucas Rocha

Santa.com wants to help you find everything you need to make the holidays special! If you purchase or click on something we link to, Santa.com may be entitled to a commission. "We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites."

For many of our loved ones, tending to a garden offers a rich satisfaction and a chance to escape into the great outdoors. Show your green thumb friends and family members that you appreciate their passion with these unique and fun gifts for gardeners this holiday season!

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The Charles Waxed Canvas Apron


This waxed canvas apron is made from the finest canvas and leather components, so it's extremely durable and capable.

Product Image

Heritage Blue Indoor Watering Can


This stylish indoor watering can is the perfect marriage of design and performance. The slender spout is perfect for delivering water just where it’s needed – and nowhere else.

Product Image

Large Gold Garden Fork and Trowel Set


A practical set for gardening enthusiasts, this fork and trowel from the Dutch homeware brand Kikkerland are made from brass-plated steel.

Product Image

Elm Dirt Bloom Juice


Our Award-Winning Bloom Juice is specifically made to enhance and magnify flowers, blooms, fruits, and vegetables.

Product Image

Kelp Mist Spray for Plants


Kelp Mist helps plants use nutrients more efficiently. Tolerate drought stresses better and boost soil microbe activity for added benefits.

Product Image

Plant Care Kit


Plant juice will continuously supply your plant with macro and micro nutrients, keeping them healthy, green and strong!

Product Image

"I'm A Succa For Plants" Mug


Available in two sizes we offer a premium grade 11oz Standard Sized & 8oz Ceramic Camper (with black-lip design), both finished in brilliant white with a AAA Orca coating, meaning they are completely dishwasher safe and suitable for outdoor use.

Product Image

Handmade All Natural Garden Fresh Geranium and Grapefruit Hand Soap


Gardener's Gold Soap has the sunny floral scent of pure geranium, grapefruit & lavender essential oils.

Product Image

Unscented elvis+elvin Hand Cream


This is a wonderful deep-therapy hand cream for rough and damaged skin caused by dryness or harsh weather.

Product Image

500-Piece Rifle Paper Co. "Garden Party" Illustrated Jigsaw Puzzle


Step into a lush garden featuring bold blooms, green leaves, and bright fruits.

Product Image

"Plant Parent Persona" Hoodie - Men


Curl up with this cozy go-to hoodie that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It's the perfect choice for cooler evenings!

Product Image

"Plant Parent Persona" Hoodie - Women


Our "Plant Parent Persona" Hoodie is a hoodie everyone needs.

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Grow: A Family Guide to Plants and How to Grow Them Picture Book


Discover 15 plants and fungi with life-changing powers and learn how to grow them at home. Then follow step-by-step instructions to grow and care for each one, whether you have a big backyard garden or a sunny windowsill.

Product Image

Kids Wooden Gardening Caddy


Ideal for gardens or window boxes, our Kids Garden Caddy is packed with children's garden tools and everything young gardeners need to get started.