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September 14, 2023

Gifts for Little Mermaids

Fin-tastic Finds for Undersea Fans


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Brent Watts and João Lucas Rocha

The real life mermaids on your nice list will flip their fins for these awesome ocean treasures! From pool accessories that take the mermaid experience to new depths to jewelry that dazzles on land, you simply cannot go wrong with these charming Christmas gifts for girls. They’re made for mermaids to take from under the sea to under the tree!


Product Image

Rainbow Mermaid Costume for Kids


Every little mermaid will love this bright rainbow mermaid costume! An imaginative and open-ended play costume made of a soft, luxurious cotton-knit. Featuring a quilted fin and made for easy walking.

Product Image

Miss Mermaid Swim Mask & Snorkel Starter Set


Miss Mermaid Swim Mask and Snorkel Set is perfect for all mermaid lovers 6+ up. Our swim mask provides UV protection, Anti-Fog and is latex free. Miss Mermaid Starter Set also includes protective carrying cases for both items.

Product Image

Jewel Mermaid Swim Goggles


Do you know any mermaids in need of spectacular goggles? Our Mermaid swim goggle features a fish tail embossed silicone strap, glitter infused frame and a fish tail printed lens. 

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Kids Mermaid Mini Terrarium Garden


MINI TERRARIUM FOR KIDS - Decorate, plant, and grow your own mini terrarium in a mermaid egg-shaped environment. Quick grow seeds and fun under the sea decorations bring your mermaid garden toy to life.

Product Image

Amazing Mysteries: Mermaids Book


A basic exploration of the appearance, behaviors, and origins of mermaids, the aquatic mythological creatures known for their singing. Also included is a story from folklore about how a mermaid returned a beggar's kindness.

Product Image

Ariel Mermaid Art Puzzle


This high quality custom Ariel Art Mermaid puzzle is produced with great image clarity and vibrancy through dye sublimation. The puzzle comes packaged in a plastic jar that take up much less space than the traditional bulky puzzle boxes.

Product Image

Mermaid Throw Pillow Cover


Our mermaid throw pillow cover is perfect for a child's bedroom or playroom. With her shimmering purple hair and pleasant smile, she and your children will have many adventures together!

Product Image

Mermaid Throw Pillow Cover


Our mermaid throw pillow is perfect for an undersea theme in a child's bedroom or playroom. This happy, blue-haired and green-finned mermaid will be pleased to swim into your home and children's adventurous dreams.