Five Christmas Wreaths We Love

A Christmas wreath can go from traditional to crafty, modern to eco-friendly. 

A Christmas wreath hung proudly on the front door shows the world that you are all in on this most festive time of the year. Wreath hanging goes all the way back to ancient times when Greeks would hang fresh greens bound together in a circle on their front door as a sign of victory. Women would wear them on their heads for special occasions and weddings too. Sound familiar? 


By the 16th century when Germans began cutting trees down to place in their homes for the holidays, the tree trimmings would be used to make wreaths. Originally they would be small and simple and hung on the tree, but as they grew, they found their way to doors and windows. The circular design has its special meaning for Christians too - eternal life. 


Today there is a wide assortment of wreaths to choose from. While the classic pine with a bow reigns supreme, there are crafty ones, modern ones, and even succulent ones! 


Here are our five faves:

1. Traditional:

Of course, you can make your own from your tree trimmings, but we love these beauties from Lynch Creek Farms. They have a wide variety from pine to holly, cedar, and even fully decorated options!

2. Hip:

Is a perfectly pretty pine too traditional for you? This sensational succulent wreath is the way to go. Packed with a wide variety of gorgeous live plants, this wreath can be used on the door or as a centerpiece and will last for as long as you tend to the precious little plants. 

3. Crafty: 

Nothing screams cute and crafty more than a pom-pom. We love this festive and fun Multi Pom Mini Wreath from Target. It packs a big punch for a pretty low price and is sure to jazz up any space. Perfect for a kids' room too!

4. Luxury: 

The Weston Farms High Point Tapestry wreath is one of the most gorgeous wreaths we have seen. This wreath is made up of 12 hand-tied bouquets and each bouquet has 8 to 10 stems of magnolia and 2 – 3 stems of conifer. This wreath will have close to 1000 leaves! It’s a worthy investment as it comes in a custom-made box for years of enjoyment. 

5. Modern: 

For the Christmas lover who isn’t into the OTT decor, this simple, chic eucalyptus and long needle pine hoop wreath is the perfect option. While the pine is faux, the eucalyptus is real and will lend a lovely scent to any room. The tiny bell adds extra charm as it rings when you breeze through the front door.