Doing Christmas Light Tours in Style

Tips for making your Christmas light tour more glamorous. 

There are few things more festive than piling the family in the car and exploring the Christmas lights around town. We all know ‘that’ neighborhood that really does it up. And most cities and towns set up a festival of lights in a local park for residents to drive through and enjoy. But what to do while sitting in the car for a few hours? Make the most of it! 

Here are our tips on punching up the pizzazz on your annual Christmas light tour:


Spending hours in the car requires refreshments. Warm beverages are perfect for a night cruising around light tours, especially if you have the windows (or top!) down. A delicious hot cocoa is a great option for all. Add a candy cane to swirl in each mug! Traveling far? Be sure to get your crew some insulated mugs for the ride. Another oh-so holiday drink is Wassail. We love this non-alcoholic recipe for the whole family to enjoy. 


We all know these magical evenings can sometimes result in a bit of traffic, so don’t go hungry on your sparkly journey. Make some easy Christmas snacks that can be passed around or even pre-packaged for each passenger before you head out. While gingerbread cookies are always fun, try a Christmas Snack Mix or for something more savory, try a Buffalo Wing Snack Mix

Bring Blankets

We all want to see over-the-top Christmas decor in all of its glory, which usually means rolling down the windows. Brrrrr! To snuggle up on your tour, pack a pile of blankets for your family to cozy up in. A few of our favorites include:

Make a Playlist

Dramatic lights need dramatic music, so compile your own exciting playlist or see what you find on Spotify.

A few we found include:

Hire a Driver

Make this adventure fun for ALL and hire a driver so mom or dad aren’t stuck behind the wheel. It can be as simple as calling an Uber or going all out with a limo. If you want a more affordable option, ask a neighborhood kid who needs some extra Christmas money to drive you all around for the evening. They may find it equally as magical!