8 Family-Friendly things to watch instead of football on Thanksgiving

Football May Not Be for Everyone, But Everyone will Enjoy Watching some of these other Turkey Day Favorites. 

While a riveting football game can bring some families together, it may not appeal to all, especially when rival teams come into the mix! If you really want to find something to watch that will bring joy to all, old and young, here are some more family-friendly ideas that can keep all of your guests amused and connected. 

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

There is nothing like waking up on Thanksgiving Day, pouring that first cup of coffee, and settling into the couch to watch this most iconic of holiday events. Marking its 95th year, there is a slew of new adorable balloons debuting including Ada Twist, baby Yoda, and Pikachu and Eevee. While the actual parade is from 9am-noon EST, it usually repeats from 2-5 pm (check your local listings). 

National Dog Show

The fluffing, the fawning, and the elegant strides of hundreds of breeds of dogs in seven groups have been bringing families together since the National Dog Show first aired in 2002 (although the show has been in existence since 1879!). Pay close attention to the lengthy competitor dog names (example: GCH Somerset Wynzall Hashtag) and have your family pick their favorite at the end of the show. 

Home Movies

While we want to try to stay off our phones for family time, why not organize some family movies from your phone and set them up on your computer (or connect to your television) for everyone to watch? If you still have the old VCR tapes or, gasp, even film reels of family movies, go ahead and set them up for everyone to enjoy seeing granddad’s crazy plaid pants in 1965 or your little brother’s face when he sees Santa brought him his first bicycle. 

Turkey Hollow

Jim Henson never disappoints in the magical department. This heartwarming movie is about two kids who visit their eccentric aunt whose town doesn't have the technology, so instead of focusing on their phones, they find themselves on the search for the ‘Howling Hoodoo.’

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

While only 30 minutes, no Thanksgiving can be complete without watching Charlie Brown create an inclusive Thanksgiving dinner for all of his friends. You could even go all in and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas too to kick off the holiday season. 

Free Birds

This amusing computer-animated science-fiction comedy is about two turkeys traveling back in time to prevent their kind from ending up on the menu for Thanksgiving. 

The Blind Side

Based on the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis, the film tells the story of Michael Oher, an American football offensive lineman who overcame an impoverished upbringing to play in the National Football League with the help of his adoptive parents. Get out the tissues because this one is a real heart warmer. 

Home Alone

If you really want to kick off the Christmas season at the end of your Thanksgiving meal, this Christmas classic is one that will entertain the whole family.  It is about a boy who defends his family home from burglars after his family accidentally leaves him behind when they head to Paris for the holidays.