Five Easy Tips for Hosting a Hip Holiday Party

Santa’s guide to simplifying holiday entertaining. 

Nothing screams ‘festive’ more than a holiday party. The music, the decor, the glitter on just about everything (we aren’t complaining!). They can be a special time to reconnect with good friends, family, and always helps swing people get into the holiday spirit. But with everything else on your plate during the holidays, hosting a party shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Here are Santa’s top tips for a stress-free seasonal soiree:

Create a playlist

You always want to set the tone with the right holiday music. You can create your own playlist or browse through the endless lists on Spotify. Feeling more Christmas Classics? How about Cozy Christmas Jazz? You can always switch it up to Christmas Hits for a Mariah Carey sing-along and dance moment before the night ends. 

Always hire a bartender

Parties should be as much fun for the hosts as they are for the guests, so why stress out with all the work involved? Hiring a bartender sounds fancy, but there is probably a 21+ person in the neighborhood or from a local restaurant who could be hired for a reasonable rate and would be happy to tend the bar, refill the ice, cut the lemon wedges, and most importantly, help clean up. 

Serve punch

Nothing says ‘holiday cheer’ more than a festive punch. It also cuts out all the stress of filling your bar with everything imaginable that people would want to imbibe. Sure, have a few bottles of red and white wine and a few beers, but make the punch is the star. This recipe from Martha Stewart is always a crowd-pleaser. 

Make two food items and buy the rest

While guests aren’t expecting a full homemade spread of salmon mousse and towers of truffles, whipping up a few homemade dishes can make a party feel more personal. But making all of it can be daunting. Prepared foods have come a long way so suggests buying the rest. Cocktail meatballs are always a crowd-pleaser (and sponges for all that punch being served). Don’t forget to make some vegetarian meatballs too. Beyond Meat has them pre-made and found in most frozen food sections. Decorating your own gingerbread cookies can be a fun and easy way to personalize a party. Pick up a meat and cheese platter, plenty of garlic bread, and some holiday candy to toss into some colorful bowls and that’s a wrap. 

Create gathering spaces outdoors

There are several reasons to jazz up your outdoors: Covid conscious guests of course (and don’t forget fabulous flu season!) will feel more comfortable outdoors and also it can offer a cozy, quieter space for people to commune away from the bar and music. If the weather is nice you can set up some indoor furniture outside and create a little outdoor cocktail lounge with string lights, side tables, and a few bowls of snacks.