Five Festive Ways to Wrap Wine

Here are five fun and festive ways to gift wine and ditch the standard wine bag. 

Wine and spirits are always a great gift idea for those who enjoy a relaxing glass after work or during a dinner party. They are an excellent host/hostess gift too! While a wine bag from the liquor store is the easy route to deliver this gift, we have five festive alternatives that will make sure your gift will stand out from the crowd. 

Tea Towel with Ribbon

This brilliant wrapping idea is two gifts in one! Order a bulk of new tea towels, either holiday-themed or generic, and use them to wrap each bottle of wine you give away this season. That way the tea towel can be used long after the bottle of wine has been enjoyed. Use twine or ribbon to secure the towel to the neck of the wine bottle. For some crafty wrapping ideas, check out these options

Glitter Bomb Wine/Champagne Bottle

Nothing screams the holidays like glitter! So enveloping a wine bottle in glitter is an OTT option for a very memorable gift. All it takes is some glue and glitter (we encourage biodegradable glitter options) to turn a bottle from boring to brilliant! A full run-down on this DIY project can be found here

Cable Knit Wine Bottle Sweater

What looks cozier than a cable knit sweater sleeve to snuggle your wine bottle into? These chic options from Etsy come in a variety of colors and will help make your gift stand out in a sea of wine bags. If you want to be eco-friendly, you can make something similar with an old sweater. Simply cut off the sleeve, sew it together, and voila

DIY Pineapple Wrapped Wine/Champagne Bottle

If you have some extra craft time on your hands or really want to make an impression on your host/hostess, craft this pineapple-wrapped wine bottle that will be all the rage on Instagram. With a glue gun, some tissue paper, and a box of gold foiled chocolates, it’s two gifts in one, a bottle of spirits plus delicious chocolates! 

Wine Tote Bag by J. Stark

If you really want to step up your gifting game, this luxury wine tote bag by Charleston-based J.Stark is a gorgeous gift. Made by hand using bridle leather for handles and antique brass hardware, this lovely bag can hold up to three bottles. It can also be used for a growler and a few pint glasses or champagne with two flutes! Retail: $80