5 Christmas Comedies for Fans of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Make Holiday Humor a New Christmas Tradition!

If you’re like me, you demand the very best of your Christmas movie viewing. So naturally, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is on your watch list every year. What’s a Christmas without the Griswolds? But, if you’re looking for something new to pair with the comedy classic, I’ve got five other films worth checking out.

Bad Santa (2003)

Don’t let its unappealing name fool you, Bad Santa is clever, hysterical, and touching. A recent addition to my viewing traditions, it succeeds in delivering a Christmas message where many films fail. I would say it’s one to watch with just the adults. It could also make for an excellent drinking game.

Where to watch: Pluto

Klaus (2019)

The most recent film on this list, Klaus released under the radar on Netlfix in 2019. It’s consistently funny, yet always genuine. The film never feels contrived either, despite its familiar plot. When people talk about “new” or “modern” Christmas classics, this is what they mean. Worth watching with the whole family.

Where to watch: Netflix

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Another favorite of mine. Although, the fact that it’s already a decade old makes me feel ancient. Arthur Christmas is a riot. If you or any of your kids love Aardman films, like Chicken Run and Flushed Away, you’ll enjoy this. Arthur Christmas delivers the same brand of humor and pathos the studio is famous for. 

Where to watch: fubo

The Holiday (2006)

Christmas date night anyone? I dislike most romcoms, so having The Holiday on this list is high praise. I’ve always found it underrated. Is it overly whimsical? A little. Does it avoid the cynicism that ran rampant in early 2000’s Christmas cinema? YES. The film balances humor, romance, and the warmth of the season. It’s a great choice to watch with older kids.

Where to watch: Netflix

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

As a young teen obsessed with Japanese animation, I found this gem when I was around 12. Not a film for very young kids but something pre-teens interested in anime would appreciate. Tokyo Godfathers is the most nuanced film on this list. It’s funny, but it also has a lot to say about the real spirit of Christmas.

Where to watch: Rent or Buy