Six Holiday Tablescape Tips

Think beyond the typical Christmas colors, flowers, and decor for a memorable tablescape. 

These days, setting the table for the holidays is much more involved than a fanned napkin and a few votives, and we love a challenge! Think of your #Tablescape as a place to let your creativity shine. There are countless ways to brighten up your table but here are a few tips to make the most of your divine decorating skills.

Pick a Theme

White Christmas? Victoriana Overload? Simple and Chic? Whatever you choose to do, keep on theme. While some people like to shop for a new theme every year, we love shopping our Christmas closet first. Maybe you already have ten reindeer that could kick off the look? Or all of great-aunt Belle’s silver that could really make a table shine.

Use a Runner

If you have a wooden dining room table, you may want to invest in a runner to keep all of these decorations from scratching the precious shiny surface. Find a color that will enhance your design or even a texture that will add a little pop to the look. Velvet is always a good option, but there are beaded runners as well as embroidered options that can really bump up the glam. 


While the grand candelabra looks great in the dining hall at Downton Abbey, they can be hard to see around and cumbersome when passing the platter. We suggest going low. Small votives in front of each person’s plate or a variety of sizes of shorter candles can add depth but not impede conversation.

Place Cards

While these can seem old-fashioned, it can be fun to mix up guests and have them sit next to people other than their partners or kids. No need to have these printed, just buy some that fit your theme and write in the names. If you want to get crafty, get some watercolor paper and fold them to the proper size and have the kids paint each card. 

Place Setting Surprises

Christmas is all about magic right? If you want to take the table to the next level, place an ornament on each person’s plate. They can be all the same (Reindeers!), or you can mix and match per personality. Celebrating a new baby or wedding? A photo ornament could be a great keepsake. Also, placing a note, a piece of poetry, or a good-humored joke under each person’s plate can be an unexpected surprise at the end of dinner to keep the conversation flowing. 

Fresh, not Fake

If you already have boxes of Christmas decor to choose from, go for it. But if you are starting fresh, why not literally, start fresh? Mixed garlands make a chic and scented centerpiece, as does a wreath or balsam arrangement. You can find these online as well as at your local garden supply store (even Lowe’s/Home Depot usually have a variety of options). Also consider little bowls of fruit like oranges or pears, and of course who doesn’t love a poinsettia. Just make sure it is small enough to not block your guests' view across the table. Succulents may not come to mind for a wintery theme but they too can provide a cozy vibe and you can even send it home with someone at the end of the day.