Getting the Perfect Picture With Santa

Helpful Hints to get the best pictures of your little ones for Christmas. 

The iconic ‘Picture with Santa’! That treasured Christmas memento. We all have one and they are a moment of time we hope to capture each year as your little ones grow. But how to get the perfect one? This special moment can also be stress-inducing for you and your child. The lines! The noise! The big scary man in red! 

Here are our tips on getting that frame-worthy photo with Santa:

Avoid the Mall

The mall can be chaotic and have long lines. If you can find a local photography studio that may be offering Santa sittings. You could also look into renting a Santa to come to your home! 

Schedule Early in the Day for Wee Ones

If you must hit the mall, book an early appointment when your young one is well rested and fed and before nap time.

Introduce them to Santa Beforehand

Some of the younger kids may not understand who Santa is. Be sure to read some books, show them some movies, and if possible, walk by the Santa you will be visiting a few times to let them feel it out before the big moment. 

Avoid Red

While red is certainly the color of the season, you don’t want your child to blend into Santa. Choose green, white, even plaid to make them stand out. 

Feed Your Kids

Hungry kids are hangry sitters with Santa, so make sure they are well fed before you bring them to meet the jolly man himself.

Bribes Help!

Holding out a candy cane or lollipop to entice your kiddo to crack a smile can go a long way for that ever-lasting photo.

Bring a Toy

A toy that your child loves can make them feel safe and secure while sitting on a stranger's lap.

Bring a letter or a list

Having your kids write a letter or a list of gifts they want will be a great thing for them to focus on when meeting Santa and maybe reduce their fear or awkwardness at the moment. 

Sit Next To Santa 

Are they weirded out by sitting on Santa’s lap? Let them stand or sit next to him. It can be less stressful for all and result in a cute and unique photo.

Don’t stress! The most magical moments can happen in the most imperfect times.