Shopping Small for the Holidays 2021

Shopping Small Businesses is impactful in more ways than one. 

Shopping brings most of us great joy. Finding the perfect gift for mom! Searching for the cutest cardigan for your niece! But we know there is an added layer of joy when we shop local. We are not only finding one-of-a-kind gifts, but supporting our friends, our community, and empowering small businesses. Plus, it’s easier on the environment and usually higher quality products than mass-market items. Here are four ways to enrich your gift-giving experience this year with local shopping. Shall we call it ‘town to tree’? 

Shop your City

Family in faraway places will cherish hand-selected gifts that represent your hometown. Source out local candles, honey, jam, coffee, ceramics, and designers that you love. It’s a great way for both you and the receiver to learn more about your region. Some grocery stores have local sections so it can be as easy as shopping in one place and taking it all to UPS to send to that special someone. 


For the person who has everything, flowers are always the way to go. They can enjoy them and then toss them (or compost). But many of those mass market florists import flowers from far and wide, so local can be lovely. It’s fairly simple to Google the local florist or flower farm nearest your giftee and place an order. Looking for something longer lasting? Local plants can do the trick too. 


Who wouldn’t delight in finding a box of peppermint cupcakes delivered to their front door? UberEats has a feature that allows you to send food to your loved ones and share the status of their delivery with them from a distance. Send a Yule Log for them to enjoy on Christmas day or a box of pastries to enjoy on New Year’s Day. 

Non Profits

Does Uncle Ted support a local veterans group? Or does your niece work with an LGBTQ organization? Finding local nonprofits to support during the holidays is a thoughtful and impactful way to shop. Besides simply making a donation, many non-profits come up with holiday gift ideas from tee-shirts to tote bags, and some even collaborate with local businesses (Rescue Kitty Coffee anyone?).