Unique Christmas Craft Market Finds Online

These six unique present ideas will make any giftee feel Special. 

While mass-market finds can be easy options, it can be fun to go on the hunt for something artisanal, handmade, and local. While we all don’t have time to hit up every craft fair in our community, we have selected a range of independent brands from across the country that we love. Shopping small is great for the community, awesome for the environment (no shipping containers involved!), and just feels good knowing we are supporting quality craftspeople. 

Ceramic Pine Needle Cups 

These cozy porcelain cups are handmade by artist Susan Gregory in Charleston, South Carolina. She etches each pine needle and adds a bronze inlay glaze to bring a special warmth to this pair of cups made for everyday enjoyment.

Retail: $55

Wild Greek Mint Tea

Based in Berkley, California, Teance sources their unique teas from the best independent tea farmers in China, Japan, and Taiwan. Their delicious caffeine-free Greek Mint Tea is rich in aroma and of course aids in digestion after a heavy meal (perfect gift to use after Christmas dinner!)

Retail: $4.99 per ounce

Idaho Candle Company Palo Santo & Rosewater Candle 

This large candle can be a chic centerpiece on any table with its weighty blush-colored cement bowl. Using all American Midwest grown soy wax, and American-made glass, these are all lovingly crafted in Boise, Idaho.

Retail: $80

Crystal Slab Earrings

Handmade by Hazel Davis in Philadelphia, these magical earrings come in a variety of options from Tiger’s Eye to Indian Agate and you can even choose either a gold or silver finish. 

Retail: $12

Element Dark Chocolate with Strawberry and Basil Chocolate Bar 

Portland, Oregon-based Moonstruck Chocolate makes some of the most unique and delicious chocolate bars we have encountered. While this one may be a favorite at, we could easily order a variety pack including the Spiced Maple Waffle (what?!) or the Orange, Pistachio, and Rose. 

Retail: $9

9 Inch End Grain Cutting Board

Handmade by artist Brad Warstler in Virginia, he made this beautiful cutting board with various Appalachian hardwoods, giving it a more durable surface to cut on, similar to a butcher block. 

Retail $104