The Best Christmas Stocking Hangers

Six simple alternative ways to hang your Christmas stockings. 

One of the most treasured traditions of Christmas is hanging stockings (with care!) to be filled with precious little gifts on Christmas morning. But leaving unsightly nails in the mantle all year is less than appealing for our stylish homes. Bricks precariously balanced to hold little Tabitha’s stocking up? Not the safest. Those old college history books? Not exactly Pinterest-worthy. Also, what if you don’t have a mantle? Our head of Imagination is here to share six simple ways to hang your stockings with a little more pizzazz than a thumbtack! 

Command General Purpose Hooks

A cheap and cheerful way to hang stockings without nails are handy Command Hooks. They can hold up to three pounds of stocking stuffers and are easy to remove when Christmas comes to a close without removing paint or wallpaper. 

Price $11.28

Ballard Iron Finial Stocking Stand

This stand is a great alternative to hanging stockings in high places away from the kids. This mobile stand can be placed in the middle of the living room for everyone to easily unpack their stacked stockings. Plus, hello, perfect for Instagram. 

Price: $129

Cast Iron Pinecone Stocking Holder

This sturdy, handsome holder lends an outdoorsy element to hanging stockings from the mantle or any ledge in the house. Added bonus, use it to hang lights without destroying your drywall with nails (or tape!). 

Price: $55

Stocking Scrolls

Cast iron holders may cause anxiety with curious kiddos around. We don’t need them pulling down a stocking and a weighted object. Stocking scrolls are a great alternative. These can hold stockings securely (with up to ten pounds of goodies) while also providing clean, simple decor. 

Price: $29.50

Family Stocking Holder Box

Having a custom box made for your mantle is a great way to personalize your #Mantlescape. Plus if all the presents can’t fit into the stocking, they can be placed in the handy box. 

Price: $40

Brass and Marble Tree 

For the minimalists out there, this simple and chic stocking holder is less glitter and more glam.

Price: $15