Top Tips for Hosting a Holiday Brunch

Brunch can be less formal, less stressful, and still dazzle your holiday guests. 

While we love the formality of a proper Christmas lunch or dinner, a brunch can be a great option for a more relaxed atmosphere. Don’t worry, you can still use the good china and crystal! It can also cut out preparing a huge breakfast for all of those visiting relatives. When we think of brunch, we think of a mix of delicious sweet and savory dishes from egg casseroles to blueberry pancakes, and don’t forget what puts the ‘B’ in brunch- booze! A few mimosas or Bloody Marys are a great way to ease into the festive day. 

Here are five tips for hosting a chic and simple holiday brunch:

Bake the Night Before

There are a plethora of scrumptious brunch recipes that can be made the night before and heated up when the family is ready to feast. We love this Panetonne French Toast Bake or this Egg Croissant Casserole.

Make it a buffet

With all of these different decadent sweet and savory options, it is easier to let everyone serve themselves. Plus, it can be fun and easy to set up a coffee station and a cocktail station. Just be sure to set those up in different parts of the kitchen or dining room to avoid a log jam at one table. Let it Flow!

Love a Label

If you have a bountiful brunch with lots of options, be sure to place a label next to each dish, especially if you have vegetarian or vegan options. A clever way to do this is to use a paper table cloth and write a description of each dish on the cloth. (Kids can help and decorate!)

Room Temperature Recipes Rule

Since a brunch can tend to go on for hours (a good thing to keep people connected!), serving room temperature dishes can be the way to go to avoid soggy or rubbery food. This grapefruit and avocado salad is a healthy winner. Breakfast sausage puffs are always a crowd favorite, and of course, a Christmas frittata is easy and delicious. 

Let it Sit to Revisit

If you have the space, leave the brunch buffet out as long as the platters still have food on them. This way people can graze after the ‘formal’ brunch is over and you will have less to box up. Also, this can be great to keep hungry kids satiated and for the drinkers to have something to soak up the mimosas as the day progresses.