6 Cozy Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

From bathrobes to mini fireplaces, we have found the perfect hygge gift for the comfort lovers in your life. 

Of all the glorious gift ideas out there, the one type that nobody will say no to is anything in the cozy category.  Something to snuggle with? Yes! Something to slip on after a long day at work? Sold! Most people love nothing more than a cozy robe, a candle to light, or comfy warm slippers. We all work hard, so we deserve some quality ‘me’ time.  If it all sounds too wonderful and relaxing, it’s ok to put two orders in your shopping cart -one for them and one for you!


12lbs Solid Knit Weighted Blanket

This trend is one we are happy to snuggle in with. Weighted blankets are calming, reduce stress, and can be a serious sleep aid. This one from Target is soft, large, and chunky and will be enjoyed on the sofa or bed for years to come. 

Retail: $139


Unisex Herringbone Weave Bath Robe

Nobody can say ‘bah humbug’ to a beautiful bathrobe, especially this stylish one! 

Thick and weighty, this unisex bathrobe is great for after the shower or just all day Sunday lounging. 

Retail: $66.85



Warmies Slippers

These are next level slippers that anyone will love! Pop them in the microwave to heat them up for toasty toes. Scented with soothing French lavender for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Slip these on after a long day and give your feet a real warm treat. 

Retail: $29.99


Smoked Woods 5-Wick Speckled Ceramic Candle

This smoky scented candle brings the outdoors into your home. Poured in a glazed black ceramic container with allover white speckles, this multi-wick candle brings a warm and relaxing glow to any room. 

Retail: $34.99


Ceramic Hand Warming Mug 

We call this a ‘hug mug’ because it’s ergonomic design lets you wrap your fingers around it and warm them up on cold mornings. This favorite mug comes in a variety of colors and holds 14 oz of your favorite coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot toddy! 

Retail: $20


Personal Concrete Fireplace

This mini fire pit is great for people who live in small spaces or simply want a little fire on their coffee table as they read. The FLKR fire utilizes isopropyl alcohol for a clean burn that doesn’t create soot. And with only five ounces of isopropyl alcohol, you can achieve 50 minutes of burn time!

Retail: $99