5 Best Starter Board Games to Gift this Christmas

Great Games for Families and Beginners to Gift or Play this Holiday. 

In the past year, the board game hobby has grown exponentially. With so much time at home, families were spending a good deal of it together. Those families that were spending their time together with board games, became tired of games like Scrabble and Monopoly. Instead, many began dipping their toes into the world of hobby board gaming. If you’re looking to add to your family’s burgeoning board game collection this Christmas, there are quite a few options. Whether you’re looking to get a board game for a specific family member or the whole family, there’s something for everyone’s playstyle in the list of games below.


A game that’s excellent for two players and still good at four, Splendor is an easy game to learn. The rulebook is only two pages. What makes Splendor so much fun is that despite its simplistic rules, the gameplay is quite challenging. Your decisions need to be strategic and competitive, which makes this game an awesome gift for any young kids just starting with strategy games.

Ticket to Ride

The game that’s considered among most hobbyists as the quintessential gateway board game. Ticket to Ride is something even my family enjoys, and they hate playing games. It’s another game that requires a long-term strategy, although this time with everyone’s agendas kept confidential. Building long stretches of trains never felt more satisfying.

Dice Throne

If you’re looking for something for slightly older kids, Dice Throne is a competitive fighting game that involves rolling dice to execute moves. Not only are there expansions with more fighters for larger groups, but each fighter has a corresponding difficulty level. This way even if one person is younger or less skilled, everyone can still play together. If the game becomes a go-to for family game night, you can keep expanding your roster for even more fun.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

Heavily thematic and consistently challenging, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle is the perfect entry point into the deck-building sub-genre. This is also the only cooperative game on this list. For any Harry Potter fans in the family, they’ll love teaming up as their favorite characters to vanquish evil. The game does get progressively more complex and punishing as you go along, you’re playing through Harry’s seven years at Hogwarts after all. Although, even if someone isn’t ready for the later levels, they can keep replaying the earlier ones until they are.


Wingspan is the most advanced game on this list, but it’s not as complex as it looks. Inside the box there are so many cards and tokens, it might seem daunting enough that you just put the lid back on. However, this is another game my family was able to learn and play, so it’s not as bad as it seems. A game for older kids, Wingspan is about attracting the prettiest and best birds to your sanctuary. If your family can master this engine-building game, the possibilities are endless. You’ve graduated from board game hobby school.