4 Fantastic Board Game Stocking Stuffers

Board Game Gift Ideas All $20 and Under, for your Favorite Fun-Lover! 

Looking for a new game that won’t break the bank or your level of patience? Is a child or loved one simply begging for a new game and you can’t do another three-hour, $170 board game? I don’t blame you; we all need a break from big, expensive games now and then. These four games are all $20 and under and are low on learning curves. They’re not all the same level of difficulty but for the most part, they can be played quickly and taught easily. Any one of these could be a new family favorite!

Zombie Dice

A fun, easy-to-learn game of push your luck. The game fits conveniently in a dice cup you can bring anywhere. If anyone already knows how to play Yahtzee, they’ll easily understand this game. This is a great icebreaker for new gaming groups or even just a family travel game. Trying to eat human brains has never been so much fun!

The Resistance: Avalon

If you’re looking for something more involved, why not stuff stockings with this game? Depending on the size of your family though, you might need to invite some friends over. The Resistance: Avalon is a game for five to ten players and the more people, the more fun! Of course, you may already distrust your friends and family, so a game with hidden identities and deception should be perfect! 

Star Realms

Highly portable, Star Realms is pure deck building at its finest. Despite its relatively simple rules, Star Realms is extremely competitive. No two games are the same either, there’s just the right amount of choice and depth. If you do find yourself aching for more space-themed battles, there are several expansion sets.

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

This is the only game on this list that requires a committed playgroup. The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine is a cooperative “trick-taking” game where players work through different scenarios to reach an end goal. So, this is a game you will need to play in multiple sessions to finish. If anyone is having trouble learning though, there’s a convenient companion app that will guide you through how to play!