5 Songs for a Timeless Christmas Party

Put on a Holiday Playlist with All the Right Notes. 

Throwing a joyous Christmas gathering but not sure what songs to play? Are you looking for timeless tunes from yesterday and today? If your mission is to create a playful, eclectic Christmas playlist, we have you covered. No one would blame you if you’re not exactly thrilled with the current Christmas music fare or even some of the overplayed classics. These five songs from different decades and genres should put everyone in a cheerful, festive mood.

“Deck the Halls” Mannheim Steamroller

80’s synth and Christmas always go hand in hand! Instead of playing any old version of “Deck the Halls,” why not this techno-themed one? It may have sounded futuristic at the time, but it’s nearly forty years old now. Your guests may not have heard it in a while either, so it’s a fun way to start the night.

“Little Saint Nick” The Beach Boys

A Beach Boys classic that exists in the very small field of “surfing Christmas songs,” but a consistent pleasure. This has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. Hopefully, memories of the Christmases of yesteryear will come rushing back to your guests when they hear it.

“Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy” Bing Crosby & David Bowie

I was going to find a way to put my favorite musical artist on one of these lists somehow. This is another song I remember vividly as a kid under the age of ten. It may have also been the first time I heard David Bowie without even knowing it. This is the perfect song for our list because even when it was made it was blending the old and the new.

“Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24” Trans-Siberian Orchestra

If some people have had a bit to drink at this party, I bet there will be some headbanging to this one. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s most popular song is one that transcends the boundaries between instrumental and popular music. It’s been a Christmas radio staple for years but still never feels overplayed.

“Last Christmas” Wham!

The ultimate ‘80s Christmas song, “Last Christmas” is one to save towards the end of the evening. Yes, the song has been covered by anyone who can carry a tune at this point, but only the original matters to me. It’s as much a lamenting love song as it is a Christmas song. Let George Michael’s belting end your party on a high note. I just had to do it.