Forceful Christmas Gifts for Your Favorite Star Wars Fan

Gift Something Out of this World for Your Favorite Jedi! 

These days, everyone knows someone obsessed with Star Wars. A friend, a loved one, even a coworker, they’re everywhere! I will easily admit I am one of these Star Wars crazed people. So, who better to give you a list of Star Wars gift ideas than a Jedi Master like myself? Whoever your Star Wars person is, whether they’re into collectibles, or stories, or games, there’s something they’ll love here.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Currently the closest we’ll get to having a Jedi power fantasy, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lets you live out those force-filled dreams. Throw stormtroopers with the power of your force abilities, wield an ever-improving lightsaber, and utilize the unique abilities of your cute droid companion. It’s a great choice for teens or adults looking for a new video game this Christmas. However, the game is quite challenging. Luckily, if it’s ever too punishing you can lower the difficulty to Padawan.

Star Wars The High Republic: Into The Dark by Claudia Gray

In the past year or so, Lucasfilm has been hard at work releasing an entire universe of comics and novels set in the realm of The High Republic. One of the key goals Lucasfilm had in mind was creating different books and stories for different age groups. This one is a young adult novel about a Jedi on a mission on the planet Coruscant. What a great way to get a kid reading! Star Wars novels were some of the earliest things I read as a child, so I can say it works!

LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

Who doesn’t love LEGO? Alright, maybe lazy people do. For most of us though, LEGO combines our favorite brands with the fun of getting to build something! This LEGO set is perfect for hardcore builders and apprentices alike. Once it’s done, they can display this legendary starship proudly on a shelf or even hanging from the ceiling!

Star Wars Outer Rim

One board game simply had to be on this list and Star Wars Outer Rim is a stellar choice. Although, I would recommend it only for young teens and up because the rules can be a little overwhelming at times. The game has you and your friends trek across the galaxy as well-known scoundrels and smugglers. With interesting RPG-lite mechanics and an immersive world to explore, Star Wars Outer Rim will make any Star Wars fan swoon.

Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett (Re-Armored) Premium Electronic Helmet

Alright, if this Star Wars fan is someone you really like or a child who has been VERY good this year, you could always get them this. Behold, the helmet of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. With lovingly re-created screen elements, a functional viewfinder, and awesome light effects, this is the ultimate Star Wars gift. I’m sure they’ll be running around the backyard with this on their head in no time.