Mail Some Magic - Postmark Your Holiday Cards from A Christmas Themed Town

Impress friends and family with holiday cards sent from Nazareth, The North Pole or Christmas. 

If you want to take your holiday cards to the next level, have them postmarked from a Christmas themed town! Across America you will find towns such as Christmas, Florida; Bethlehem, Kentucky; Nazareth, Michigan, and North Pole, New York. There are a few ways to do this. First off, find a town that isn’t too far away and make a road trip with the family! It could be fun to check out Santa Claus, Georgia for an afternoon while dropping off your cards at the local post office. 

Another option is to send your cards to the post office of your choice for them to be postmarked and delivered before Christmas for that added holiday magic. Not feeling like sending all of your cards to the post office? Just pick your top friends and family and send the rest via your local post office.

The USPS has this info if you specifically want to send your cards from The North Pole:

Letters from Santa

Write a letter to your child and sign it from Santa. Place this letter into an envelope addressed to your child with the return address from SANTA, NORTH POLE. Please make sure you have a First-Class stamp affixed to the envelope. Place that envelope into a larger envelope, with appropriate postage, and address the larger envelope as indicated below.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Write your greeting cards like you normally would. Place the cards into their envelopes. Address the envelopes to the desired recipient. Place First-Class stamps on the envelopes and have the return address from either the NORTH POLE or you and your address. Then place the greeting cards into a larger envelope or box, with appropriate postage, and address it to:



ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

The letters from Santa and the greeting cards need to be sent to Anchorage by Dec. 10th. 

Don’t have the bandwidth for the day trip or bulk mailing? If you just need a North Pole stamp for your children’s letter back from Santa, Etsy has you covered. If you would like to find a holiday themed city near you, here are 20 towns across the country with festive names! And of course, order your holiday stamps ASAP! Here is the selection from USPS for 2021. 

Happy mailing!