Oh Tannenbaum

Tips For Trimming Your Christmas Tree. 

Decorating the tree is one of the most eagerly anticipated Christmas traditions for young and old. Whether you pull the tree down from the attic or pick one out at a tree farm, seeing that bare beautiful tree standing tall and ready for lights, garlands, stars and treasured keepsakes to adorn her is a magical moment. 

But where to start? Some of us already have boxes of ornaments but need a little direction to give our tree a new look or theme. Others are starting from scratch! Regardless where you are on your tree journey, here is a list of tips to help your tree be Instagram ready! 

Trim Your Tree

To maximize the beauty of your tree make sure it looks its best. If it's a real tree, trim it to give it the shape you desire and to fit into the space where it will live in your home. If your tree has some holes, add some of the tree trimmings into those holes to give it a fuller look. If you have a fake tree, spend a good deal of time bending and shaping the limbs to give your tree it’s fullest shape.

String Your Lights

First off, make sure the lights you have are all working. Test each strand before adding to the tree. Start at the top and wind the lights around the tree till you get to the bottom. If it doesn’t seem full, wind more strands back to the top!

Choose a Theme

While many of us have cherished ornaments that have been passed down, you can still have a general theme for the tree. You can choose a color or pattern you want to focus on and find garland, and extra ornaments to bring this all together. If you are starting fresh then really think of what your theme will be. Do you want a seaside theme? Monochromatic? Rustic? Tartan? Once you find the theme that suits you, go with it! Pinterest has great ideas.

Add Texture

To make a tree really pop, texture is the way to go. Make sure you have a variety of ornaments from shiny, to matte, to glittery. Don’t forget velvet and sequins! Adding in sprigs of fake flowers, berries, and pinecones can add depth and drama. Peacock feathers can also add some serious pizzazz to the top of your tree. (see below!)

Tree Toppers

No tree is complete without a tree topper. While it is tradition to add a glittering star or twinkling angel, many these days opt to fill the tree top with sprays of flowers, leaves and even feathers (peacock or pheasant). 

Tree Skirt

Just as the tree topper is of utmost importance, the tree skirt is equally important to finalize your tree’s look. Etsy has a wide selection of skits from plaid to velvet to personalized and even with pom-poms! Find the right theme and size that works with your tree and your tree will be ready to be the focus of the month of celebrations ahead.