Upping the Ante of an Office Christmas Party

Tips to Create a Fun and Memorable Office Christmas Party. 

Tis the season for the office holiday party!  That time when your grey office get’s a few festive decorations, a platter of cookies and the marketing department’s playlist. FUN! But hey, at least there is an office party this year. Better than last year’s Zoom party with awkward games, right? 

But in all seriousness, office parties are important. They bring all levels of people together for the evening to connect and get to know each other away from the corporate ladder. They can bring positive change to communication and work life balance. Plus they can just be really fun! With the right planning, organizing, and team effort, these events really can be joyful and memorable. 

Here are seven tips on hosting a lively holiday office party:

Plan Ahead

Don’t start thinking about party planning in November, get started in August or September so you have plenty of time to plan, organize and order everything that is needed. Plus if you are hiring caterers/ entertainment/ staff, the earlier the better. 

Involve Others

No matter who is officially in charge of organizing the event, be sure to include everyone. Email staff and see who wants to be on the party committee. That way you have plenty of help and ideas from people who are truly invested.

Leave the Office

If budget allows, host the party at a different location so people aren’t drawn back to their desks or cocktails end up spilled on the conference table. You could take the staff out to dinner, rent a private room at a bar, or go wild with a karaoke night! Even simply renting out an event space for sips and bites and a little dancing can be a festive change from the everyday office.

Hire a Photo Booth

This is always a crowd pleaser. Employees can take solo or group shots that are printed out instantly and cherished for years. 

Plan a Few Activities

To encourage more community and connection, offer some games for the evening. If you have a smaller group, a White Elephant gift swap is always fun. Holiday charades can be a blast, or even set up a cookie decorating station. 

Create a Dress Code

When you send out your invitations, include a dress code so people can get to shopping before the big night. Ugly Christmas sweaters are always fun but you can also go more specific like a Santa or Snowman theme. You can even be a little more abstract with something like ‘Velvet & Sequins’, ‘Silver & Gold’, or ‘Tartan & Tassels’, and see what people come up with!


If you want to skirt the actual party idea, getting everyone together to volunteer is a great way to build connection and community. The office can clean up a public park, serve food to the less fortunate, or maybe work at an animal shelter for the day. Regardless of what you find, it can bring everyone together for a good cause.