Surprising Advent Calendars to Get This Christmas

Countdown to Christmas in The Most Fun Way Possible! 

Long gone are the days when the words “advent” and “calendar” were synonymous with stale chocolate in the shape of deformed Christmas trees. No longer are our Christmas countdowns filled with cardboard and misery, instead, they’re filled with joy! From pop culture memorabilia to toys, and even food, there is an advent calendar for everything these days! Here are some fun, unique Christmas countdowns that you and yours will love.

Friends: The Official Advent Calendar

Cue the music and fountain! Friends, a show that will only grow exponentially in popularity, its eventual supremacy is inevitable. What’s fun about this advent calendar, is you don’t know what you’re going to get! There are lots of different little things to discover, all referencing everyone’s favorite six best friends. Whether you know a Monica, a Joey, or even a Chandler, this is one advent calendar they’ll get a kick out of.

Walkers Shortbread Advent Calendar

Oh my, an entire advent calendar for shortbread. Scottish shortbread is butter’s most delightful form. This twenty-four-day advent calendar will give you that sweet, creamy goodness right up till Christmas. With three varieties of shortbread, this is a great advent calendar to share with the whole family.

Magic & Tricks Advent Calendar

Magic and Christmas always go hand in hand, and this Magic & Tricks Advent Calendar will convince even the biggest skeptic! Few things sound as good as cool as twenty-four different science-based magic tricks! With all kinds of illusions and experiments, this is a wonderful gift for a science interested kid. Every day up till Christmas can be spent learning, experimenting, and having fun!

Funko Pop! Advent Calendar: The Office

Dwight Schrute, Michael Scott, Pam Beesly, The Office gang are all here! What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than with those weirdos at Dunder Mifflin? This isn’t one of those unfortunate combo advent calendars, where half the days are the good stuff, and the rest are stand-ins. This is twenty-four full days of Pops! Every day is a different little vinyl version of a character you love.

Godiva Chocolatier Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar 

Remember when I mentioned the lackluster chocolate calendars of the past? Well, this advent calendar brings that tradition full circle, with delicious and exquisite Godiva chocolate behind every little door. The whole family can take turns on who gets to eat what day! Who am I kidding, you’re gonna eat them all yourself, aren’t you?