Six Tips for Hosting a Down Under Christmas Party

Australian Christmas  traditions involve beach picnics, shrimp and beer. 

We may be biased but American Christmas traditions are some of the best in the world. Holiday home light tours! Themed Advent calendars! Home Alone! But we are all about learning how others get into the holiday spirit too.  We were curious what annual traditions Australians hold dear each year. How do you celebrate Christmas in the summer? What does Santa wear in the heat? Is there hot wassail on tap? Read on to hear how you can host a Down Under Christmas party with lots of Perth-onality!

Hit the Beach

Since Christmas happens during the summer months in Australia, their take on Christmas is a little less snowy than ours. Aussies usually favor board shorts instead of beaded Christmas sweaters on Christmas day on the beach. If you and your family live near a beach, go take advantage if the weather is lovely. Why not ditch the formal feast for a picnic in the sand? Even if it is chilly, it could be a fun departure from the usual. For the more athletic, try surfing or paddleboarding. There is even the much loved Polar bear Plunge! Run into the waves with the whole family (in matching bathing suits?) and see how long you can stay in! Also, if you want to keep the Australian theme going, find a Santa in board shorts that can deliver some gifts (or simply some Instagram pics!) to your family. 

Ditch the Turkey for Shrimp

Shrimp (or prawns as they are called Down Under) are the focus of the Christmas day feast in Australia. Makes sense since it is summer Down Under. Shrimp can feed big groups too! Here are 22 recipes  from shrimp curries to cocktails to consider. 

Leave a Beer for Santa

While milk or hot cocoa is the standard drink for Santa in America, beer is common in Australia since Santa may need something icy, cold, and refreshing during his long night in warm weather. Don’t worry, he is still a fan of cookies! If you want to go full Aussie, here are some recipe ideas for Australian classic cookies. 

Host a Street Party

We love this idea of hosting a street/block party on Christmas day! Getting all of your neighbors involved could be a fun and refreshing way to spend the day. And everyone can help out! You can serve shrimp to keep it Australian and try a charcuterie board that people can graze on. Have some neighbors set up seating on their lawns, get out some speakers for some holiday tunes and fun games for the kids and experience a very different but convivial Christmas day! 

Host a Barbecue

Yes, we all know the phrase, ‘Throw some shrimp on the barbie!’. It’s true, Australians love to barbecue (they would say prawns, not shrimp!), and Christmas day is no exception. This could be a fun alternative to the formal Christmas dinner. Go full Aussie and buy sausages, burgers, steaks, and prawns and pile them onto the barbecue. Don’t forget the beer! Dessert is equally important, which is usually cold since it’s warm down under on Christmas Day. Think ice cream and fruit salad. 

Play Cricket

Want to work off all of that food? Why not try out a game of Cricket?! It’s a national pastime in Australia, loved by all (think very loosely similar to baseball with a cricket bat and ball). Here are some basic rules to help you enjoy the game with friends and family.