5 Movie Collections to Get Your Favorite Film Buff This Christmas

Add Some New Entertainment to Your Movie Fan’s Shelf! 

In today’s age of instant gratification, streaming is everywhere. Any show, any movie, whenever you want, for a price of course. However, this has not swayed both movie lovers and laymen alike who love the feel of physically owning a film. There’s something to be said about not having to worry about which movie is on which service every month. This Christmas, if you know someone who loves to get a movie for every birthday or holiday, this list should help you find something for them. These are some of the best film franchises around in some of the coolest box sets to date.

The James Bond Collection [Blu-ray]

This sleek and stylish box contains every documented mission of the world’s greatest super spy. Twenty-four films, one 007. Well, there are six 007s. Whether your film fan’s favorite Bond is Craig, Connery, or even Lazenby, this collection is the perfect companion. Why not spend a night in with this movie collection and a couple of martinis, shaken, not stirred? 

The Dark Knight Trilogy [4K + Blu-ray]

The grim and gritty vision of Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader looks incredible in mind-blowing 4K in this complete box set. Watch Bruce Wayne go from moody orphan to raging street vigilante in glorious detail. This is the perfect addition to any Superhero fan’s collection and can assume a place of honor next to their other explosive action films.

Harry Potter: 8-Film Collection [4K + Blu-ray]

The timeless story of a boy wizard discovering a hidden world of magic must be a staple of any collection. This set of all eight Potter films, from Dursleys to Deathly Hallows, will add magic to any film shelf. Watching these films in stunning Blu-ray and incredible 4K will unlock new layers of magic for even the most seasoned of Potterheads.

Mission Impossible- 6 Movie Collection [Blu-ray + Digital]

The British have James Bond, we have the international operative Ethan Hunt. Hunt’s six action-packed adventures are lovingly presented in this complete film collection. With the next Mission Impossible film slated to be released in 2022, exploring the films and extras in this box is a perfect way to prepare.

Middle-earth 6-Film Collection Ultimate Collector’s Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital)

I have saved the very best for last. This is one of those items that I may have not so subtly requested from everyone I know. For any film fan or Tolkien fan, this is the gift of a lifetime. At thirty-one(thirty-one!) discs, this extensive and incredible collection of all six Middle-earth films is nothing short of breathtaking. You could even say this covers Christmas and their birthday, I’m sure they’ll still be overjoyed!