Is Santa Real? Ways to keep your littles believing in the Magic of Christmas

Six ideas to make sure Santa’s presence is known on Christmas morning. 

We all know that there is absolutely, without a doubt, a Santa Claus. The season simply wouldn’t be the same without his red suit, his warm smile and his jolly laugh. His presence, and presents (!) are one of the greatest joys of the season. But we know that some little ones hear false claims about his existence by other naughty children. Tsk, tsk. So just to be sure your kids keep on believing, here are six ways to keep his spirit alive and well this Christmas season. 

Share the Excitement

Santa is for all of us, so to get your kids excited about his imminent arrival, start early with the questions and the stories. Have they heard that Santa is already busy making lists and checking it twice? Did one of your friends see Santa or one of his elves peeking through the window? Did someone hear a reindeer on the roof? 

Deliver Packages to a Friends Home

Just in case you have some sneaky children, have their presents delivered to a friend's home and pick them up the night before to wrap and put under the tree from Santa. 

No Chimney? Make a Santa Key

We all don’t have fireplaces for Santa to come down to deliver his gifts, so a great solution is to make a Santa Key for him to let himself in on Christmas Eve! Either buy a red key that hasn’t been cut yet, or use a key you already have and paint it red with nail polish. Just be sure it doesn’t open any of your actual doors! Tie a piece of Christmas ribbon around it and let your kids hang it on the front door before they go to bed. When they wake up they will find it hanging from the Christmas tree with all of Santa’s presents underneath.

Follow the Santa Tracker

Starting December 1st, Norad begins tracking Santa. You can check in daily or weekly until Chridtmas week to see what Santa is up to. On Christmas Eve everyone can gather around the computer or TV and see where Santa has been spotted before going to bed. 

Make Santa his Cookies

We all know that all this gift giving makes for a hungry Santa! A fun activity to do with your kids is to make cookies for him to nibble on when he delivers his presents. Sugar cookies and gingerbread men are always fun, but if you want to really be inspired, here are 17 different options to choose from to fill Santa’s tummy with delight. 

Leave a Santa Trail
  • Christmas morning isn’t complete without some signs that Santa has been in the house. Some ideas include:
  • If you have a fireplace, dip some slippers in the soot and make marks on the hearth that looks like he has stepped out of the chimney and into the room.
  • Leave a note from Santa. The kids will be in awe of an actual note from Santa next to the cookies he ate.
  • If it is snowing on Christmas morning, leave some footprints outside in the snow. Even better, add some reindeer hoof marks.
  • Glitter goes a long way on Christmas. You can leave a light dusting on the cookies or coming out of the fireplace or from the front door. Tinsel works well too!