5 Christmas Centerpiece Craft Ideas

Easy Ideas to Create Beautiful Holiday Centerpieces. 

Christmas table centerpieces can be such a joy to spend time creating. Picking a theme, finding just the right pieces, flowers, candles, and ornaments, and arranging them just so. But if you are like us, we like to get a little crafty too! Thinking out of the box during the holidays to create magical #Tablescapes can be a joy to do and even bring the kids into the mix. We have compiled five fun ideas to add a little extra charm to your centerpieces this season. Enjoy! 

Poinsettia Centerpiece

Poinsettia flowers are such a staple during the holiday season, but they often come in unattractive plastic pots. If you want to elevate your poinsettia arrangement this year, simply cut the flowers! Cut poinsettias can last over a week, so find a favorite vase, criss cross the top with tape (to hold the flowers in) and arrange in your own style. We prefer cutting them low so as you can see over them at dinner. 

Ornament Bouquet 

This is a simple and wonderful way to liven up the dinner or buffet table as well as use some of your favorite ornaments you can’t quite fit on the tree. Simply choose a few ornaments you really want to display, some fresh greenery from a floral department or your own backyard, and a vase (preferably not clear so you cant see the foam and wire inside). 

  1. Add foam to bottom of vase
  2. Insert floral wire into ornaments
  3. Stick ornaments into the foam
  4. Add greenery! 

Photo Courtesy of Design Improvised


Jeweled Christmas Tree 

Did Aunt Sue leave you with piles of costume jewelry you don’t know what to do with? Make it into a bejeweled Christmas tree! Even if you don’t have a bunch of passed down gems, craft stores and flea markets have great inexpensive finds to make a long lasting and dazzling Christmas tree that can add to your centerpiece. All you need is a foam cone (start off with a small 6 inch one), a bag of costume jewelry/buttons/pearls, and a hot glue gun. Simply start gluing the jewelry on from the bottom and work your way up to the top! Let it dry before setting it out for display. You can use this glamorous little tree for years to come. 

Fresh Christmas Candles 

This is a super easy way to add a little liveliness to your centerpiece. Simply wrap rosemary around a few candles, set them on a wooden board or platter, and voila- instant cozy Christmas vibe! If you are worried about the rosemary catching on fire, battery operated candles are a great and safe alternative. 

Christmas Jar Terrariums 

Repurposing old jars is a cute way to add some holiday cheer to your table! 

You will need: Epsom salt, white sand, a miniature home, and some figurines and/or trees. We think ornaments would work well too. Simply fill the terrarium with the sand/salt mixture to resemble snow, place the home, trees and figurines inside, arrange, and you are set! If you don’t have any jars handy, they are easily found at craft stores and home goods stores. You can keep them for future Christmases or reuse them for Valentines, Thanksgiving and Easter too!