Incredible Books to Gift Film Buffs This Christmas

It Doesn’t Just Have to Be Movies This Year! 

Film buffs are like small children around Christmas, waiting and hoping to add to their ever-growing film archive. However, if you know a film buff, or are related to one, movies don’t have to be the go-to gift. Instead of getting them another film to add to their collection, not that there’s anything wrong with that, why not get them a book? No, not just any romance or true crime novel. I mean the type of book you have on a shelf or coffee table; one you can pour over for years. The type of book that makes medieval tomes look like a cliff note, a book about the making of their favorite films. From Bond to Bilbo, these books will keep your film buff within their incredible pages for months on end.

Harry Potter Page To Screen: Updated Edition: The Complete Filmmaking Journey by Bob McCabe

A perfect companion for any fan of the famous boy wizard. It’s quite a large book though, so you can’t exactly carry it around unless you have a magic bag. However, it’s filled with all kinds of interesting details and magical stories about the making of all eight Harry Potter films. Whether your film fan is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter or just really enjoyed the movies, this is a gift they’ll appreciate.

The James Bond Archives. “No Time To Die” Edition by Paul Duncan

If anyone I know is reading this, please buy me this book for Christmas. Describing The James Bond Archives as a “book” though, is a gross understatement. From incredible photographs to behind-the-scenes tales, this is the greatest gift a bond fan could ever receive. It does have quite the price point, but the other books here are only discussing a few films. This book covers over twenty-five different James Bond movies. I could spend a whole year absorbed in this book and so could any other Bond fan.

The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind The Original Film by J. W. Rinzler

One of a trilogy of behind-the-scenes Star Wars books, this one covers the making of the 1977 classic. A great addition to anyone’s shelf, Star Wars fan or film aficionado. From George Lucas’ original concepts, through early development and to production, this book discusses every aspect of making the greatest space-fantasy film of all time. Anyone hoping to learn more about Star Wars or even independent filmmaking will love this as a gift.

Middle-earth from Script to Screen: Building the World of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit by Daniel Falconer and K. M. Rice

A book for Tolkien fans and film lovers alike. This collection of interviews, prop photos, and countless factoids, details the labor of love that brought Middle-earth to life. Not only will the book cover the incredible lengths the filmmakers went to in those early days, but it’ll also detail the technological advances that built the foundation of the more recent Hobbit films. Any Middle-earth fan will obsess over every page of this wonderful book, much like they would the literary works of Tolkien himself.