Six Cute and Crafty Holiday Decorations

Homemade Decor for Christmas Can Add Fun and Whimsy to your Holiday. 

While store bought ornaments and decorations are stunning, it can be a real treat to spend some time crafting long lasting decorations for the holidays. Whenever something is handcrafted and homemade it has an added layer of meaning and beauty. This is also a great opportunity to craft with your family or even your friends. Who would say no to ‘wine and wreath making’?!

Winter Wreath

This beautiful wreath is fairly simple to make and can be as individualized as you like! This is more of a guide and less of a strict instructional so go with your own theme. Simply gather the things you would like to add to your wreath, from live or fake pine, ribbons, bells, and even dried fruit or plastic candy canes, and wrap it tightly together for a wreath that can last a lifetime. 

Cranberry and Popcorn Garland

This rustic garland is easy to make and can be used for the tree as well as over the door or even on top of your table runner. All you need is white popcorn (looks better than yellow), cranberries, and floral wire. If you want this garland to last for a few years, get some shellac to seal it all over twice, let it dry and hang where desired. Pro Tip: Pop your popcorn two days before so it will be a little stale and less brittle when stringing. 


Pom Pom Wreath

Pom Pom’s have been on trend for a few seasons and we are loving it. They are fun and cozy and easy to make. This pom pom wreath is no exception and the house and bottle brush trees bring it all together for the holidays. Just make sure you have a pom pom maker and you can make piles of these while watching your favorite Christmas movies. 

Boxwood Kissing Ball

While we all know that kissing under the mistletoe is where it is at for Christmas, mistletoe can be hard to find. A boxwood kissing ball is easy and fun to make and makes for an equally kissable moment! You can also use trimmings from your Christmas tree or other plants from your garden such as rosemary or lavender. 

Courtesy of Design Improvised

Hula Hoop Card Display 

While we all love getting holiday cards in the mail, what to do with all of them? You don’t get to enjoy them if they are stuffed in a box, and you may have too many to display on a table. This Hula Hoop display  is a cute and festive way to enjoy and display your favorite cards from each season (or even from seasons past when celebrating a wedding, birth, fun family photo). 

Christmas Floating Candle Display

To really add some extra glowing glamour to your holiday table, a Christmas floating candle display is an awesome craft to try. You can go as big as you like with a giant vase and fill it up with lights, plastic ornaments and plants, add some candles to the top and you have a striking centerpiece. You can also go simple and chic by using wine glasses with a few little ornaments in each, placing the candles on top and using them around the house or in clusters for the holidays.