5 Superpowered Gifts for Marvel Fans This Christmas

Get Your Fave Marvel Lover Something to SWING About! 

Ho-Ho Heroism! With the impending release of Spider-Man No Way Home and the never-ending list of MCU shows coming onto Disney+, Marvel fans are having quite the year. I’m sure there’s a Marvel fan in your family and if you’re looking to get them the perfect super-themed gift to go with their super-year, we’ve got you. Here’s an eclectic list of gifts for Marvel fans of all ages, no matter who their favorite hero is. From prop-replicas, games, and even books, we’re sure whatever you choose will have them shouting “Avengers, assemble!” in no time.

Marvel’s Avengers

Getting to play as your favorite heroes has never been so much fun. Suit up as Iron Man or Captain America, or even go bananas as the Hulk himself and take on the forces of evil. This is a great game to gift someone who is getting a gaming console this Christmas or is looking for a new hobby game. Crystal Dynamics is constantly adding content and replay value to an already stellar game. The result is an authentic superhero experience that’s worth checking out for any Marvel fan.

Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition

This is a great choice for any tweens who are just getting into the world of superheroes, especially if they’ve been reading any comic books lately. They’ll be able to learn all about important Marvel events, obscure and interesting characters, and even the forces that shaped the universe itself. It also looks great on a shelf!

Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game

Yes, if you are sensing a trend by now you would not be wrong, I like having board games on my gifting lists. This one is considered a classic of the deck-building genre and a favorite of mine. The base game itself comes with cards of all different kinds of Marvel characters, heroes, and villains but countless expansions add more even more scenarios. Heroes like Wolverine and Ant-Man and even new villains become available in a host of further additions to the game. For any Marvel fan, this game will make it to the table as much as possible.

LEGO Marvel Avenger’s Compound Battle

If you’re looking for a gift for a younger fan, this awesome LEGO set will let them construct and act out the climactic events of Avenger’s Endgame. Build the Avenger’s Compound, vanquish Thanos, fly Captain Marvel around the room, you name it! This is a great set to build together or for an older kid to do on their own and display proudly next to their other builds.

Marvel Legends Series Captain America: The Winter Solider Stealth Shield

Who wouldn’t want a Captain America shield? Seriously, if you asked any person on Earth if they wanted one, they’d say yes. It doesn’t matter if they’ve seen the film, it’s just that cool. However, it should be noted this is a collectible replica, not exactly a “toy.” However, I will STILL try and throw this thing around the backyard if I had one.