5 Trivia Games That’ll Make Christmas Eve A Blast

Test Your Knowledge of Christmas, Movies, and More! 

Whether you’re having a small Christmas gathering, or it’s just you and the family, trivia games can be the perfect way to have a fun-filled evening. Depending on the crowd, you might need to be more selective with the type of trivia you play. Here’s a selection of five trivia games that’ll have Potterheads going toe-to-toe or even Christmas fanatics battling it out. Whatever your family’s expertise, there should be something here to fight over.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

The classic, the original, Trivial Pursuit. This is a great choice if there are different kinds of knowledge levels or interests in your family. This version of the game is the “Family Edition” which is designed for faster playtimes and with questions for both kids and adults. A great low-stakes option for just a fun family game night.

Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than rapidly quizzing your family members on a whole host of Holiday topics. This festive trivia game has eighteen hundred questions ranging from Christmas history and traditions to movies, food, and cartoons. Show your family no one knows Christmas the way you do.

Movies Trivia Game

The self-proclaimed film buffs in your family can really it out with this one. With question topics ranging from the golden age of cinema to the CGI fare of the 2010s, there’s enough variety that experts and laymen alike can compete. You can even make a rule that whoever wins gets to pick what Christmas movie you watch next!

Trivial Pursuit: Friends The TV Series Edition

Cousin Jenny claims to be the family expert on the show Friends. That they know every episode and every factoid -or do they? You and your loved ones can find out in this Friends-themed version of the classic game. If you’re not all fans of the show it may be a bit of a challenge but maybe you’re into that! Sometimes it’s fun to try and answer questions on topics you know nothing about.

Trivial Pursuit: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

Another variety of Trivial Pursuit, this one pertains to the world’s most famous boy wizard. You could even consider playing this trivia game as a Christmas adjacent activity, the holiday has always been intertwined with the Wizarding World. Whoever loses gets turned into a toad! I’m joking but you could ask them to croak for forty-five minutes if you wanted to.