7 Fun Craft Ideas to Do with The Kids

These Are the Perfect Way to Spend a Festive Winter Day with The Kids. 

Crafts can make anyone feel artistic and Christmas is the best time of year to make wonderful things with the family. If you have younger kids, it can sometimes be tough to find crafts that they’re able to participate in. Luckily, we’ve found great crafts for all different levels of ability. These seven craft ideas below range from little parental guidance necessary to hot glue guns. So, choose the right ones for your family but don’t hesitate to make these your own.

Santa Advent Calendar

This is the perfect craft to make with young kids. Not only is it very simple to put together but it’s a clever way to countdown to Christmas. Put this right by the tree and watch Santa’s beard grow right before your eyes!

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

These are some colorful Christmas trees that you can make with your family. The colors in the photographs might be pink and blue but you can choose whichever tissue paper you want. Mod Podge is used for this craft, so it might be better to do with slightly older kids just to make sure they don’t use too much.

Photo Courtesy of Design Improvised

Holiday Handprint Craft

Making Santa out of handprints is a great way to spend an afternoon. Of course, if you’re like my mother, these will remain in the Christmas décor box till the end of time. Seeing how small your child’s hands were decades ago is a Christmas tradition in our house.

Pinecone Christmas Tree

I love the results of this clever craft. The natural variations and dimensions of the pinecone add depth and complexity to this festive depiction of a Christmas tree. Hot Glue is involved though, so supervision or assistance would be necessary.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

I’m getting real abstract art vibes from this Christmas craft! Despite its simplicity, the result of this craft is just stunning! If you and your family have been successful with this, it can even end up as permanent Christmas décor.

Paper Doilies Christmas Ornament

By far, this is the most ornate craft on this list. However, it might look delicate and intricate but for the most part, it’s just an inventive use of a doily. You can also decorate them with as much as you like, not just the simple way they do in the photos.

Christmas Paper Plate Masks

Perfect for the family Christmas Play! What do you mean you don’t put on a family Christmas play every year? Well, that’s something you should think about. Even if you don’t though, these masks are fun to make and perfect for family photo ops.